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If you have sent me mail to my smallvictory or commandpost email in the last three days that has gone unanswered, you should probably resend to : afireinsideblogATyahoo.com.

That is all.

I'm going to watch Attack of I Love the 80's. Because I do.

Oh, one more thing. I know a lot of bloggers are now setting up backup sites on Blogspot in case their sites go down. I will not be doing that. I can't tell you how much work I got done today when I realized I couldn't blog or read most of my favorite blogs.

I think this was all a conspiracy set up by a coalition known as Bosses of Bloggers.

[insert Go Yankees thing here]


seriously. me too. and i only have 3-1/2 days to get 40 hours in, so it's a good thing i'm getting stuff accomplished.

I think you might have something there! I was pretty perturbed about it - I would love to personally punish those who were causing the DOS attack - but I did get some work done!

I find that I get a lot more writing (and work, of course) done when the Internet connection is down on campus. I'm almost hoping for such a crash next months so I'll be forced to write, but I know that the only one who can get me into a good writing routine is, well, me. Like you, I realize that when I'm not blogging or blog-surfing, I accomplish so much more.

Perhaps NaNoWriMo bloggers who write as much as we do on a daily basis should form a support group to keep ourselves writing fiction during November instead of blog posts! :)

Hmm... conspiracy of bosses. I'm not sure there are that many smart bosses out there.

It's even worse than bosses, it's freakin' al-Qaeda.

Oh, saw you had a post on that earlier. Heh.

All work and no blog make David (something, something)...

I've been thinking about a backup site also...though I would suggest that we not all use Blogspot. Else the attackers could easily do the same thing there.

De-centralization of our backup sites is the key.

I'm going to watch Attack of I Love the 80's.

Feeding the Hal Sparks addiction, are we? ;)

Every BlogSpot blog seems to look the same to me. Maybe it's because everyone uses that orange background... scoobysnax, Vox Day, etc.

Personally, I go with eHostPros. Never had a problem yet.

Of course, now that I say that...

I like the idea of "I Love the '[decade]s. . . " series, but I just can't watch it. Watching Michael Ian Black trying to act "too hip for the room" is akin to listening to fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Take Michael Ian Black and Hal Sparks out of those shows, and it would be watchable and even enjoyable.

Great site guys... Keep up the good work :)