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about that DOS

Digest this. We'll talk later.

Discuss amongst yourselves for now.

You might be suprised at my opinion on the whole thing.


well aren't we Jews supposed to be so deadly because we're thinkers?? Yeah, try and out-think and out-wit us...we'll take you on in a Technology Jihad, bruthas!!

As a side note, should I be worried that I have a couple of regular hits on my blog from the United Arab Emirates?? lol

"Would Hassan like this treasure for thy very own?"

"Hassan like! Hassan like!"


I'm getting tempted to find some white-hat script kiddies.

Or, better yet, real hackers. Wouldn't it be fun to have all the jihadi script-kiddy sites behind this attack click to their favorite site to find waving American flags and pro-US quotes. Or maybe some pr0n. ;)

As for the site michele linked that is cheering on the jihadi script-kiddies? Leave them alone.

I don't agree with what the site that was attacked is doing. There's another group that is monitoring those sites, and he's taking them offline (or at least making them move). All that does is mean the monitors have to chase them down again to watch them. Sigh. That said, I also don't think the jihadis should be attacking him either.

Especially when it takes my site down ;)

may allah destroy the yahoods (jews) - lovely, fucking lovely.

to my Christian friends know this: once these blood thirsty death cultists manage to "destroy the yahoods" their blood lust will only be whetted.

shrug When the Saudis get Paki nukes, game's over.

It'll be the cockroaches' turn.

From where I sit, it's a matter of small minds doing small-minded things.

Pressure on the appropriate governments to take care of the situation. They should be able to do it effectively, having generally little regard for civil rights and such niceties.

Oh, and by pressure, I don't mean the standard limp-wristed State Dept. variety. I have long since quit giving a rat's ass how we treat certain governments.