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david blaine comes out

Of his box, that is.

Can someone please explain to me the purpose of this stunt? Was I supposed to glean some important message here that I may have overlooked? Help me out, please, because I seem to have lost something in the translation.


Simple. A British paper offered to pay David Blaine the equivalent of $8 million U.S. dollars.

Meaning explained.

That man is a fucking whack job. Seriously, he's a freak, and I don't mean that in a good way. He scares me almost as much as that man with a mask you have a picture of!

The $5-$10 million he's going to make probably had something to do with it.

Think about it. The guy does some magic tricks for Leonardo DiCaprio on ABC and the next thing you know he's got millions of dollars and he's banging supermodels. Spending a month inside a box to extend that lifestyle seems worth it.

I had no idea he was being paid that kind of money to starve himself and get smelly for 40 something days. You think he would give part of it to charity or something...

No cause, no message. He's a whackadoo.


Umm, sorta.

Okay, not.

For $8m, I'd do it, too.

How anyone can criticize the greatest magician of out times I have no idea. The man can float for crying out loud and I'm not talking about in a box. IN MID AIR! I saw it with my own eyes on television. And the things he can do with cards--dont't get me started.

Whackasee, Whackadoo.

I like David Blaine. I saw him in a box on the West Side a few years ago. He is cool. The British are too snobby to be impressed by spectacle.

he's a whore.
He's a publicity whore and he's a money whore.
and he wants publicity any way he can.
And god, he wants money.
Why the fuck cant I get paid $8M to hang in a box for a month and a half?

What a crazy moron. You know, if he was doing it for some kind of famine-awareness type of thing, I'd understand it, but for money? What a nutcase.

I've got a thought~who really cares?
Does it really matter? No.
Is there a message? No.
Is he an attention whore? Yes, and so would we all be if given the opp. Is he a moron? Maybe, but again, who cares? The world has more morons than not.

Vince says "The British are too snobby to be impressed by spectacle."
Nah, we're just too busy to be impressed by stupidity.

The guy is a magician, an illusionist, therefore he is an entertainer. So I think it's a little unfair to call him a media whore. Heck, what entertainer isn't?

(BTW, I get paid to do science. Does that make me a science whore?)

He's trying to be an entertainer in the tradition of Harry Houdini, albeit he's failing somewhat. I mean, if he had intended on ESCAPING from a plexiglass box suspended high above the Thames, then it would be something noteworthy. Some of his magic is nothing short of amazing, but this stunt was just dumb. Better luck next time, David. Come up with something a little more fun to watch, and we won't complain so much.

I try and be funny all the time. My name is Easycure. I am a laugh whore.

Group responds,"Hello, Easycure!"

Quit laughing. It isn't funny.

I meant to add that Blaine is a great magician. He's a decent illusionis toot, but the problem is that his tricks just aren't that understood. Some of them, like standing on the top of a 40' column for a day or two, don't seem all that impressive. Until you think about trying it yourself.

Still, staying in a box for 44 days - what's the point?

"Still, staying in a box for 44 days - what's the point?"

The point is that he didn't die.

He should've. The longest ones I'm able to find a reference to are like 36 and 42 days. And these people were in hospitals for most of the strike. Normally, after a few days the body begins to shut down and the person is hospitalized as the organs shut down/die. He was somehow able not only to survive without food (apparently) longer than just about anyone else, but also walk out of the box.

That's a pretty damned good trick.

It's not a trick unless he used surreptitious means to survive. If he did it straight, it's a stunt.

I like his street magic a lot. I couldn't give a rat's ass about his stunts. I was enormously amused by the people that were flashing him and throwing fish and chips at his box.

When's the last time someone threw fish at your box? Anyone? Anyone?

L'esprit est sa propre illusion.
Conquérir l'esprit est de conquérir le monde.

Ces taunters britanniques ne sont pas aussi futés qu'ils pensent. Mais alors qui est?