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operation give

Chief Wiggles's toy drive for Iraqi children has a new shipping address:

Operation Give
7155 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

The shipping/packaging operation is staffed by volunteers. I just love the way this idea took off.

Operation Give.


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Maybe I have this whole thing (the Iraq war) wrong but shouldn't they be thanking us, not the other way around? We are the ones who fought their fight for them.

It seems a desperate attempt to show those we saved from a worthless life how truly nice and good we are even moreso beyond saving them from a tyrant and sacrificing our lives to save theirs.

And if we want to be influencing them in the right direction shouldn't we not be afraid to flood their country with lots of Western culture instead of bending over backwards to not offend their tyrnannical cult religion which is why we are there to begin with?

The West does not have to apologize to do what we want to do for our own sake.

Victory starts with honesty