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eh, i was going to hell anyhow

Laurence has corrected me. The Pope did not beat Mother Theresa, nor did he beatify her. He beautified her. At least according to CBS news, that's what he did. [screenshot]

I knew the Pope could perform miracles (he can, right?) but this one, he pulled out of his ass. I mean, taking a woman who has been dead and buried already and beautifying her - that's above and beyond the call of duty.

I happen to beat the Smoking Gun to the actual before and after photos of this one, too.





All hail the Pope and this miracle!


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Even though God wants the Pope to stay, I'm taking applications over at DiVERSiONZ for the job, because obviously the man's time is short. Send your résumé to me at peatATneb.rr.com.

What no word on how well the Marlins played yesterday?

They played well. I didn't expect a Yankee win. They don't usually start strong in playoff series, and they had to be pretty spent.

Marlins will be tough. If they win tonight, I'm officially worried.

I'm so glad that the Pope was able to take a little time away from telling Africans that condoms don't prevent AIDS to give poor, old, dead Mother Theresa a makeover.

Miracles never cease...

You are so going to burn in hell, Michele.

Meet you there?

Think someone at CBS needs to update their spellchecker? Spellcheck is great --- as long as the mistake you make isn't another real word.

hey, now that she's beautiful, maybe she can be one of those incorruptibles.