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i love cartoons!

hoganjosie.gifSteve Hogan, of Acid Keg fame, sent me this link and I in turn share it with you because that's just what I do. Share.

It's I Love Cartoons! and it's your favorite Saturday Morning cartoon characters as seen through the eyes of others.

Steve himself makes of Josie (she of the Pussycats) everything I ever fantasized about. I mean...umm...the way I imagined her in my mind. John Cebollero's Bugs Bunny and Frank Brunner's SpongeBob are two of the best "alter images" here, while my favorite that stays true to character is Ken Allen'sMarvin the Martian and Yosemite Sam.

If only I could draw. I've always wanted to bring those late-night images of Betty and Veronica and Reggie to life.



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I keep getting a "server not found" when I tryto go there.

It's coming up fine for me....

I'm jealous!tried IE.netscape and Safari to no avail.Maybe its a CA thang.

Leigh Young's Strawberry Shortcake has nothing on Gabe and Tycho's, however.

you are all sad losers that need to get lives.