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we are here! we are here!

It's just like when Horton could finally hear all the little voices in Whoville. There are other bloggers out there tonight!

For instance, Mr. Swerdloff is talking about Jeff Jarvis who was talking about his introducing an Iranian blogger to an Iraqi blogger.

Swerdloff says:

Good God (whichever one you like, take your pick) though... Hoder, an Iranian, and Zayed, an Iraqi, are talking, brought together by an American, in order to tell their stories to the world. It's enough to give you goosebumps.

It really is amazing. And goosebump-y.

And Ith is over there, posting her little tushy off, and she's talking about people who don't understand hobbit obsessions. I'm a Legolas kind of gal, myself.

Me, I'm trying to get my writing mojo back. Whenever my mind goes blank, I rev it up by playing some games. I've been through Uproar, (where I play Acrophobia) Boxerjam (Strike-A-Match), Skilljam (Word Jam and music trivia) and PopCap (try Psychobabble_ so far, and I'm not done yet. Give me some words, a game to play with them and a few people to play with (and the World Series in the background) and I'm lost for several hours.

At some point I forget that I was supposed to be writing. Which kind of defeats the point of using games to get my mind going, but at least I'm having fun, in a Saturday-Night-Loser sort of way.

Hey, my husband is watching Half-Baked. Which one of us is the biggest loser, huh?


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Mmmm.... Aragorn [insert dreamy girly sigh]

Pizza's here!

Ooh, don't forget Games.com for some Scrabble and Upwords (and a bunch of other games, too).

You're a married woman with children. You're not suppose to have a life anymore. ;-)

I don't know.. watching Steven Wright as 'Guy on the Couch'? Could be worse I guess.. It could be 'Dude, where's my car?' Keep playing those games. It gives us other Saturday Night Losers some useful links.

Hehe, read the Very Secret Diaries of the LoTR characters at ... Secret Diaries

Still not King.

heading out the door for the last day of Biketoberfest
::sound of the Road King firing up::

You mean Captain Obvious? I have been unable to see Legolas any other way since reading that parody diary, and I'm almost ashamed to say that I taught it to my 10-year-old niece, to the point that her father, exasperated, told her to stop saying "DUH!" every time Legolas spoke while we were watching the DVD of The Two Towers.


OT here: I've long thought that Horton Hears a Who could be read (retrospectively, of course, not intentionally) as an allegory for (1) American support for Israel or (2) the pro-life movement.