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Was there some kind of blogger evacuation drill that I didn't get the memo on?

Or am I just the only home on a Saturday night?


I'm home. I posted some stuff. Now I'm going back out and having dinner with a friend.

As the stock market goes so does blog posting

Memo? I missed it too? Damned e-mail! I blame Microsoft and Bill Gates!

I've been posting my lil heart out, tinkering with my template, listening to the PotC soundtrack, and just general wasting time in front of the monitor :) My eyes are starting to bother me though, so maybe I should do something else for awhile.

Pizza soon, so maybe that will tear me away.

The memo came with the subject line "Hot Teens Enlarge Your Penis With Viagra," so you might have missed it.

I'm home and posting.

"Hot Teens Enlarge Your Penis With Viagra"

You must be on the same mailing lists I'm on...

Yeah, michele, I'm home too.

I'm not at home, not online, not reading this, and certainly haven't made a number of hilarious, and yet astoundingly insightful and wise, posts in the last few hours. No siree!

I've been posting away on my new host. The nameserver change hasn't reached the entire net, yet (it's Al Gore's fault, he invented the thing), so you might end up at the old site instead of the new one.

The old site's last post is dated the 16th, so if the top story is dated later than that, you definitely reached the new site. Stop by, if you get bored.

Riyadh delenda est!

Tom Friedman and Maureen Dowd columns come out on the NY Times website soon. Those are always good for snarking on.

No one here but me and the optical mouse. Even the backup server is rebooting.

Template Wrestling

I'm home...NOT watching the World Series, that's for damn sure.

i'm here but you dont read me...much...so i dont count..much...but thats ok because i havent been drinking....much...which is really no problem because i am watching adventures in babysitting on oxygen, of all places, which is a rather amazing experience because, of all the movies in the world you would think wouldnt need to be cut for television, AIB is the one yet oxygen has totally butchered the damn thing which leads me to remember why i dont normally watch such a wussy network in the first place and, for those of you who think theyve spotted a run on sentence, this really isnt a run on sentence...much....

we're all striking for better benefits.

pft. saturday night in a town of 24K people is just like any other night. Long and boring. Coos Bay, reprezentin.

Word. Two posts tonight--one about Clint Eastwood paraphanelia, and one about a conspira-racist-leftie-wacko.

I was off recording vocal and backing tracks for my band's first single in a home studio. I have discovered its a hell of a lot more tiring than I thought, I was exhausted by 10.