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open! (stolen blatantly from tim blair)

I haven't blogged on a Friday night in a while. I don't know if you people are even around on Friday nights.

So I'll be over here, at my computer, working on the outline for my novel.

You can hang out here, if you wish. This is an open thread and the discussion may involve any of the following: song lyrics, battery operated toys, food involving chicken, death metal, Puzzle Fighter or umm...whatever.

Have fun. I'll be checking back when I get writer's block every half hour.


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song lyrics
did you check out my ode to george bush sung to the tune of old mcdonald had a farm
i too am home on a friday night
but i am meeting a gal pal
for tapas at a new cuban joint
in la east village
so for once
but you know
i hate friday nights out
prefer to stay in
and go out on monday nights
with all the really cool folks
yeah baby

good luck on the novel
cant wait to read it

Have fun. I went to bed last night and immediately came up with a mess of ideas for a story. Unfortunately I had turned off my computer and didn't want to wake the roommate by getting up and getting on again. It probably wouldn't have mattered though, becuase the obnoxious people throwing a party in the room over didn't wake him. grumbles

Mmmmmmm. Chicken.

Fried chicken like my mother and grandmother make it is just about the best thing I can think of that could ever happen to a chicken.

But General Tso's Chicken is pretty awesome.

What's your favorite?


Oh, Alex-

Those ideas are always worth getting out of bed for. You should always strike when the iron is hot. Especially if you're tired. Sometimes you break new ground when you are too tired to edit yourself.

I hope that when this story is ready, you will consider contributing to Sudden Fiction.


Ahh... home on a Friday night... Rita and I have done our weekly shopping and are now home for the weekend.

Here in the Ozarks it's a very busy weekend... It's Crap Fair Weekend, when every fat old lady in the midwest is driving slowly down our crooked two lane country roads, trying to find just one more piece of tawdry homespun junk that someone painted fake shaker blue. The paper estimated that 75k of these folk have invaded our area.

But wait... that's not all...

This weekend is also the Gator/Razorback game... an SEC rivalry that goes back at least a half a decade... the U of A vs the U of F... the stadium across town can hold 80k and will be filled to the brim...

But wait... if you act now you also get...

And to top it all off, our little town is hosting the annual Chili Pepper Run, a cross country foot race of about 10 kilometers... or some perverted distance like that... why can't they run miles instead of kilometers... only pot should be measured by the metric system... anyway, there about 25k folks from all over the world here (if you are missing a cross country runner, I think he's in Fayetteville this weekend) for the race, breathing my air and clogging my roads.

So, as with most game-days, we will sit on the front porch and laugh at the idiots who didn't have the sense to stay on their porches and watch the game on the portable TV and who got stuck in the traffic oozing slowly past the house.

Have a nice weekend Michelle...

Hey Michele:

Saw your wish list - ELP Works Vol. 2? I'd be happy to treat, but you'd be better off with the boxed set 'Return of the Manticore', unless you're a 'completist' like I am. Most of the Works 2 tracks are in that box.

Also, what's up with the red pencils?


Do you have Papa John's where you live? If so, be warned that their new BBQ Chicken Pizza and BBQ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza come with onions.

Onions and pineapple do not mix.

I'm horny.

"I'm horny."

Well, that's one way to drive traffic to your site. :)

It's been a quiet married night here. Elaine painted a quartet of fake tombstones for the fake graveyard out front (including her favorite: "Here lies an atheist. All dressed up and no place to go"). We went to Spencer's Gifts at the mall to buy a black-light for the front porch. It was the first time I'd been in a Spencer's since high school. The clothing seemed the same, only the names of the bands had changed. No more Poison or Ratt, now it's Good Charlotte and Mudvayne on the t-shirts. And the Misfits are somehow now mainstream enough to have their name emblazoned on a wallet.

What a crazy world we live in. At least I don't have to block off any time to watch the World Series tomorrow night.

Guess I'm just a quasi-loser tonight. Tried to get someone/anyone to go see a pretty good local band called 13 Stars with me, no takers. Decided not to go solo and ended up drinking a couple of beers with some non-rock&roll guys from the office, then heading on home.

Geez, can you imagine the electricity if I were to start my own blog? It boggles the mind...

Nov. 1 does come pretty fast, doesn't it?

I already have my characters and plot outline ready... my biggest problem is restraining myself from starting to write early.

-- "Here lies an atheist. All dressed up and no place to go" --

There was a discussion about tombstone epitaphs on one of the old MB's I used to go to, and I still think the funniest one was:

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Puzzle Fighter, Damn. You just reminded me that I need that game. I couldn't have survived college w/o it. I would put a pox on you, but I don't know how. ;)

BTW, If anyone is ever that bored, just go to my page.

You. Amaze. Me.

Fulltime career, family, several successful blogs, numerous other projects and now a novel.

How you do it all, I have no idea.

Hi infidels, check out my blog

you guys are outlining your nanowrimo stories?

i can't even include an "already" at the end, because i probably wouldn't have thought to do it even after it started. god, i'm such an amateur.