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::raises hand:::

Add me to the growing list of bloggers - left, right and in between - who think that the the Senate's decision to turn Iraqi aid into loans is the most profoundly bad, stupid, idiotic, destructive idea ever.


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[AOL]Me too![/AOL]

What a bunch of pink-weiners.

It's nearly as bad as the WWI Versailles treaty. :(

I agree - the ones who voted for this loan bullshit are a bunch of worthless wimps. If $20 billion in aid is too much to give to a country we just spent hundreds of millions to take over, we had no business taking it over in the first place.

Sorry, that was supposed to be hundreds of billions.

Another example of the growing scarcity of leadership. Real leaders convince people of the need for unpopular yet vitally important decisions. I guess we were after their oil afterall. The Democrats managed to create truth from fiction. Time for a veto, if Bush had a backbone he would force Congress to put up or shut up on this deal.

I'm on your side. Punishing a defeated enemy just makes him hate you more. I don't want my children to fight another Iraq war in ten or twenty years.

Adam, the Iraqis we just liberated are our enemy?

Think about it for a minute BSTI. You will get it, I'm sure. :-)

I will be doing a blog entry soon on the issue of the liberal, statist spending and nation-building policies of Washington with regard to Iraq. The fact that so many conservatives are supporting these un-American, anti-republican, unconstitutional policies is very, very troubling. I will definitely have to blog about this soon.