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Mepham update: enter fred phelps

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[click for bigger image]Everyone's favorite hate-mongerer, Fred Phelps, is going to pay a visit to Bellmore, New York, to protest in front of the "Sodomite Whorehouse" known as Mepham High School.

Mr. Phelps, for all of his blustering about God and the Bible and Jesus, would not know a true relgious value if it bit him in his ass.

If Phelps was one open to discussion, I would simply tell him that what went on at the football camp was not about sex or homosexuality; it was about power. That's something Phelps himself should be mighty familiar with.

However, because the Reverend is not a man open to a discussion on the merits, the best I can do is attend the hatefest, camera in tow, and display Phelps for what he is: a hateful, deceitful, evil, shameful excuse for a human being.

If Phelps had a shred of human decency - which it is quite obvious by now that he doesn't - he would realize that this is definitely not what the victims need right now. As a man of the cloth (so he says), he should be offering counseling to the victims instead of making this into a media event focused on himself.

I will not provide a link to Phelps's website here. I think you know by now where to find it if you want to see the hate firsthand.

I will be at Mepham High School on the morning of October 27 at 7am. I would very much like to have audience with Phelps. If anyone can help me come up with a constructive way of getting his attention and maybe a few words with him, let me know.


Oh, I dunno, 'Chele. The old knee to the groin seems to be highly effective in getting the attention of some people.


Unless Fred's using a remote mailing service, all these screeds from him are postmarked "TOPEKA KS 666".


I would guess that a big bag of head cheese would be attractive to the Big F.

I just e-mailed you -- 20/20 is doing a segment on Mepham tonight.

Chances are he'll be cordoned off from everyone else for his own safety - that's how it was when he was in Ft. Collins last year. I wanted to talk to him, but there was no way into his staging area without a press pass (maybe you could land one of those?).

a big sign. One that says "God hates you, Fred".


I just checked. godhatesfreds.com is not taken.

Ugh. What's with the Matthew Shepard monument on his page? I'm not a religious person, but is that something Jesus would do? I don't think Jesus said squat about homosexuality one way or the other, but I still can't imagine him being that hateful.

Correct, snore. Homosexuality is never once mentioned in the gospels. There are two biblical mentions; one in Leviticus (y'know, the same book that tells us not to eat shrimp or wear cotton-poly blends) and one in Romans (which I think has more to do with Roman sexual attitudes in general than homosexuality in general; the passage also alludes to the activities being adulterous)

What I wish everyone would do about Phelps is totally ignore him. The more people demonstrate
and argue against him, the more we see of him.
If the press would stop covering his dispicable
public displays of obscene hatred, he would go away in good time. He loves the attention his
disgusting tirades receive. He is beyond shaming. Nothing anyone can say will disuade his
him and his followers. The only way to shut him up is to become indifferent to his ignorant antics and obscenities. I am a Christian and I can assure you, he does not speak for any real

www.godhatesfags.com, a clear examples that Christianity has its fare share of nutjobs as any other religion.

The thing about Phelps that ticks me off the most (after his asshattedness (paean to Rachel)) is that this one loon serves to reinforce the stereotypes 'coasters have about those of us who live in the flyover.


If anyone gets to meet freddie, would you ask him to say a prayer to jesus for me asking him to protect me from his worshippers!