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chickens and goats

Let this be a lesson in counting your chickens before they die:


The New York Post lets their early deadline get in the way of accuracy. The Smoking Gun, as usual, is there.

And for all of you blaming the Red Sox loss on Steinbrenner's wallet or Babe Ruth, your true goat is not your enemy but your savior. Pedro Martinez and his ego ripped a win right out from under the Red Sox. He, Boston fans, is the one that stole your thunder and broke your heart.

Yes, Grady Little is to blame in part for leaving Martinez in so long; that's been said a million times around the country today, at the very least. But it was Martinez's arrogance that let Grady make the move that kept Pedro in the game. Martinez wanted this W at all costs and at the moment he walked back out to the mound when he knew damn well his arm was tired and he had thrown too many pitches, he was letting down his team mates, his fans, all of Boston and every Yankee hater out there.

He is this year's Bill Buckner. Perdro's gaffe may not have been as obvious as a ball between the legs but it is much less forgiveable.


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You make a lot of sense but I'm still not sure. The curses of the Bambino and Billy Goat are sure looking pretty credible right about now.

Part curse, mostly stupidity. On both of their parts.

Nice to see Yankees fans can be such gracious winners. What a bunch of total losers. Lets hope that the Boston courts make sure to pull in the two thugs who kicked the shit out of the groundskeeper in during the world series. They won't of course cause jocks, no matter how violent, get special treatment. Sports fans are pathetic, Yankees fans are just even more pathetic. Get a life people, yeesh.

Pride goeth before a fall.
Sure, Pedro should've said, "I'm done"--but several million New Englanders were screaming at their TV sets when Pedro came out to start the 8th (the tank was clearly empty by the end of the 7th), and it was Little who wasn't listening.

Great players want to play. The manager's job was to say, I'm really glad to hear that, but now it's time to save what's left of your arm for the next game.

Still, there's no curse. Just not enough good baseball.

Uh, wrong.

The arrogant ace pitcher is paid to pitch. The manager is paid to tell the arrogant ace pitcher, when his arm is tired but he tries to insist on staying in the game, "No. Give me the ball and go sit down."

That Grady Little failed to do that is absolutely indefensible, notwithstanding Pedro Martinez' own foibles.

And I'm pretty sure I don't need to be lectured about arrogance from a fan of the New York Yankees.

Yes. You hit it on the head Michele as per usual...no one wanted to stick the final dagger into the Yanks more than Pedro. Little let him try despite having a rested and ready bully and other starters available if needed. Pedro was gassed, the pitching coach, the catcher, Pedro himself should have told Little that. Sure the bullpen might have gave it away anyway, but Little would certainly have been justified in giving Pedro the hook. The problem with Pedro and Ramirez (two bought players I might add) is that they are not team guys, and the Red Sox let them both become bigger than the rest of the team this year on several occasions. See the shaved heads of unity on MOST of the Sox? See that Ramirez and Pedro didn't bother with that. 

Sure Pedro would have gone ballistic, the ME first players always do...but I bet he is a whole lot more angry today that he gave it up than he would have been if he had gotten the yanked by Little as he should have been. Or maybe not. After all, this is Pedro Martinez we are talking about.

Also did you see that the Red Sox were painting the World Series logo on their field before last night's game was even played in New York? Talk about presumptuous! Or maybe it was just wishful thinking. It's not like they would have had time to do that today or tomorrow.

I am not a curse believer...but both teams (Cubs and Red Sox) 5 outs away with three run leads. That is a bit scary.

Or maybe it is all moot, maybe the bullpen would have given it up anyway...I mean, we are talking about the Red Sox here right?

Congratulations to all of the yankee fans. Especially you Michele for taking my constant ribbing this week without blocking my IP address. :D

Grady & Pedro combined to make their own worst mistake, and it cost the Red Sox the game. The Yankees fully deserved last nights win.

No Michele, you're wrong about Pedro.

No great pitcher is EVER going to offer to come out in that situation, period. Pitching changes are exclusively the manager's responsibility, pure and simple. Sure, Pedro's arrogant and he can be a jerk - so can a lot of other great pitchers, guys who are in the Hall Of Fame. It still all comes down to the manager. I don't care if it was Cy Young himself on the mound - if you don't have the balls or the good sense to make a pitching change when it's clearly called for by the game situation, you shouldn't be managing a major league team.

I'm not sure whether it was emotion or lack of courage that led Grady Little to not make the change, but it doesn't really matter. Either one is a fatal flaw for a manager.

IT WAS THE J-E-W-...wait, which thread is this again?