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talkin' baseball


Oh, I'm sorry. Did I post that picture already?

Last night's game was the World Series. Anything played after last night is going to be anti-climatic. Marlins? Who cares? I just witnessed one of the greatest playoff games ever. And nothing will match the feeling of winning that game, that series, against the Sox.

UPDATE: I just realized that this will be the Bucky Dent moment for the younger generation of Yankee fans.


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i'm rooting for the Yanks, but don't dismiss the Marlins - they are a very tough team. this won't be a walk in the park for the pinstripes.

Marlins who cares? Hehehe. David slew Goliath, remember?

The series against the Marlins will be an athletic competition. A good one, but still it will simply be a series of baseball games. The series against the Sox was a fight between good and evil. It was a fight to keep the unthinkable from happening. And we did it. And how.

I sort of agree with Michele - who cares what comes next? I'm almost certain that the Yankees will be a bit flat tomorrow night - the Marlins will have that going for them. The World Series may not be as emotional as this one was, but it will be awfully tough.

Let's hope the Yankees get their focus back sooner rather than later.

Wow - maybe there is something to this 'curse' business - if that isn't a snakebitten club, no such thing exists. Or is it a combination of that and the stadium?



Aaron bleepin Boone baby!

Honestly I could care less if the Marlins come out and sweep the Yankees. We beat Boston. The curse lives. That's all that really matters.

Woah. Yankees make it to the World Series. What's this world coming to? This world is getting so unpredictable.

How could the Sox lose? Yankees vs. Marlins -- uk!

At one point the FOX announcers said something about last night's game "possibly" being the last time Clemens was on the mound. I honestly though to myself, "Even if they win, there's nothing left...ohhh...that's right. The actual World Series!"

And yes, this is my own Bucky Dent moment :D It's a beautiful, beautiful thing :D

Damn them Damn those loser. What is it with Managers leaving there starters in too long. Cant wait to next year to see how well you do with Clemens,Wells and Andy.

p.s. Zimmer seems pissed..something about losing his company car over the spring. I always thought he used the little rascal.

and the Bill Buckner moment for the new generation of Red Sox fans :) I hate the Yankees, but I do love seeing the Red Sox choke. And they did it in spectacular fashion last night.

How about Chris Chambliss' walk-off home run to win the final game of the ALCS against the Royals in 1976. I'll never forget that because I'd been sitting in that part of the bleachers the day before when the Yanks lost game 4 to the Royals.

Think Red Sox fans are going to want the letter 'B' removed from the alphabet?


i love seeing all the "we won" comments.

i never realized pro athletes posted under other names.

I think it's important to recognize that the Red Sox players did not choke. Grady Little choked.

It should have been a no-brainer to pull your starting pitcher who'd pitched a courageous game but surrendered two straight hits in the 8th. Especially when your bullpen had been great throughout the playoffs. Joe Torre certainly would have pulled him - I guess that's why he's in the World Series and Grady isn't.

If they win, enjoy it. The Yankee farm system is pretty much dry now...and who knows how much money George is willing to dump onto Free agents from now on...

Did I mention how hated the yankees are!!!!

No Andy, Roger or David next year...crash and burn!!!!

MikeR--Wakefield choked...that ball couldn't have been more over the fat part of the plate and right in Boone's wheel house.

Drew--Yankees without Clemons, Pettit and Boomer? They'll just reload. And as for Little leaving Pedro in to long...that is what happens when you hire the manager halfway through spring training as an after thought.

Aravis--Also predictable that the Red Sox would not win the World Series.

Someone should set up a Cubs/Red Sox/Buffalo Bills/Minnesota Viking/Cincinnati Bengal fan blog. Misery loves company.

Nice of FOX to end the telecast last night with the Babe winking. Gotcha again, Boston, wink, wink.

And Michele...the picture or watching the play today on TiVO/SportsCenter never gets old. A special moment for all baseball fans to reference for years to come. But, yes, especially nice for us of the pinstripe persuasion as well.

Oh and one other thing (speaking of B's Jay)
And they wonder why Roger Clemons does not want to go into the Hall of Fame wearing a loser cap with that notorious B on it.

The Yankees added life to Rocket's career last night--thank goodness he did not have to go out losing to Boston and that little punk Martinez.

Peat- They are not going to reload. Tell me who is avail as a free agent next year to sign. They will crash and burn crash and burn I say.

Marlins in 5

It's football season. This crap is just taking away my regular week TV schedule. ;-)


Drew. Have you heard of a farm system? I know the Marlins don't really have that concept down yet (talk about teams buying championships and then turning around as quickly as humanly possible and having a fire sale), but I am sure the Yankees and Cashman have a plan (and plenty of money and projects to trade away).

The Marlins could very well win in 5. But at least the Yankees beat Boston (which I think, is Michele's point). But I wouldn't exactly bet the farm on the Marlins in 5 either. I asked the Psychic Beagles, by the way, (they are much better at football) and they say Yankees will win, in either 5 or 7 (and there may be extra inning heroics involved once again!).

And Robyn since you are in need of a football fix--go Sooners!!! How about that punking of Texasssss? Can't spell Citrus Bowl without the U and T right? And since you, Michele, might need a hand with the ole' office pool this weekend? Here are their picks for this weekend in the NFL vs the spread (and my picks as well).


Actually, leaving Wakefield in the game for the 11th after it was obvious in the 10th that his knuckleball didn't have its usual sharp downward movement was another serious error in judgement made by Grady Little.

Forgot to thank peat for the support for the Sooners.

Thinks are looking really good right now. If we can avoid overconfidence or a killer injury, I like our chances.

You're an idiot Drew.

Vladamir Guererro. Bartolo Colon. Kevin Millwood. Luis Castillo. Carlos Beltran. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......you're right, not much available this year.

Always nice to see the Sooner love spread around! Thanks! One week at a time...I won't breathe again 'til February...

When did Vladamir Guererro becoming a pitcher?

One second thought please do sign him as a pitcher. I mean yanks converted Babe Ruth to a pitcher Im sure your can do the same for Vladamir Guererro .

Next time read a little more carefully before your ready to flame Keith.

Go Fla :)

I've always thought that with few exceptions, the LCS were more competitive and entertaining than the World Series. Just a personal observation. That being said, Go Yankees! I hope Roger Clemons can win the Series MVP - what a way for a great Texas boy to go out!

Nothing quite like a sore winner, Peat. Get bent.

Bite my ass. Yankees fans don't appreciate what they have. That's what happens when you BUY the world series just about every year.

Can anyone out there tell me how I might get my hands on an old poster of Bucky Dent from the late 70's with a half shirt on. It's for someones 40th birthday as a joke. Please Email if anyone has any ideas.

We got our revenge for last year's loss!!!
Hope you're all having a fun time in N.Y. watching us win the World Series.