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and just for good measure


Don't ask me how I did it. It's just important you know that I can.

Hopefully, the voodoo gods are listening.


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well i hope this is effective, but i think the cubs goat curse worked like a champ...

Remember, I haven't washed my underwear since 1986!

Only naked pics in exchange for my underwear can continue the curse.


I decided to cave in and lend some help.

Dude, you just cursed Oil Can Boyd. I'm not sure that's going to help when the Yankees are starting Jeff Weaver.

I knew it! I just knew you were going to try out some of that vodoo stuff again!

No problem though. I was ready for you tonight. Got out the digital camera and took a picture of me cheering!


Thank you, thank you for the voo-doo, etc., 'cause it worked -- YANKEES WIN!!! :D

You want to thank me on your blog, or mine Michele? : ) how about both?

Hey, looks like that million Steinbrenner paid to the Reds in August for Aaron Boone paid off. Congrats. Plus all those millions for Jason Giambi paid off in only the second year. Wow. Mussina put in an inning there, so outbidding the Orioles worked out, too. Steinrenner just bought the Yankees fans another pennant. What's that: Six of nine since the strike?

Baseball is so much fun when the Yankees have that extra $50 million to just buy the season with. And even they can barely get the job done.

Prediction: Worst ratings ever for a World Series.

oh, the bitterness of cubs and Boston fans is so amusing : )

I was going to add earlier that there was really no curse needed to be added by you, because apparently the big one is still upon them. 

Nice of FOX to end their telecast tonight with The Great Bambino winking, you know? It was as if he was telling all of New England, gotcha again!

What a game, what a series, but once again, 5 outs to go and the roof caves in on Pedro and the BoSox. Nice of Grady Little to chip in with his own finishing touch by leaving Pedro out there a little too long as well.

And then there is Joe Torre. He starts Enrique at 3rd instead of Boone looking for more offense. He inserts Boone late looking for better defense and go figure Boone also gives the Yanks all the offense they need in extra innings.

You can't write it up better than that. They are cursed, they are done (again) and it's nobody's fault but their own for trading (selling) away the greatest player that ever played the game.

Gotcha again, Boston. Wink.

There's no genius. Yankees bought a team so Torre has endless options, and still nearly blew it. At least this year you didn't need to have a 12-year-old cheat for you to win. I'll give you that.

Hey, look, it's football season!

With your powers can you do something for the Packers against the Rams this Sunday?

I thought every single one of the Red Sox players played their hearts out. There was definitely no choking going on - at least by any players.

The difference was Grady Little simply going too far with Pedro. The guy has given you seven strong innings but is obviously losing steam, your bullpen has been nothing less than fantastic in the postseason, and you're still afraid to make the right baseball move. Why???

If the managers had switched teams, Pedro would not have been allowed to pitch to Matsui. Having the big payroll makes winning theoretically possible for the Yankees - having Joe Torre makes it actually happen.

Payroll is to blame? Pahlease. The freaking Sox spent $160 million on Manny Ramirez. Oh ya and the Sox also traded for (err...bought) Pedro. Oh ya, and Nomahhhh is pretty cheap too huh? They spend plenty of money, all to keep up with you know who, and to their credit, they almost pulled it off this year. Almost. The Yankees have 26 World Championships...and the Red Sox lead the league in "almosts".

And Torre sure sucks, I guess. That's why he's headed to his 6th World Series in the last 7 years. Oh ya, it must be the money, I forgot. Well, at least the Yanks spend it wisely and make their investments pay off.

Torre was gracious enough to admit that it was the players that bailed him out tonight, but as Boone himself said after the game "sooner or later the ghosts were going to show up". And that they did, as did the usual demons for the Red Sox.

Actually, the Red Sox should be thanking the Yankees, because you had to know that shoud the Red Sox have actually beaten the Yankees in a Game 7 in the Bronx and gone on to the World Series (ya right) they would have choked it away against Florida anyway. This just allows Red Sox fans to get those yards cleaned up before the snow starts again.

Oh look, Boston...it's winter, and still no trophy.


Peat: Yeah, payroll had EVERYTHING to do with it. The Sox had a few players, but nothing remotely like the Yankees. Wells came up with the Blue Jays, Mussina with the Orioles, Clemens with the Sox ... Giambi (2 HRs) with the A's. Aaron Boone was bought from the Reds in August.

This is why people hate Yankee fans. You lack the character to admit the truth.

Suck eggs.

Love, TK

Sheesh TK...
Manny was an Indian
Pedro an Expo
Walker a Rockie
Mueller a Giant
Damon an A/Royal
Wakefield a Pirate

It goes on...and it goes both ways. Truth be told, all teams make moves, you know? But money doesn't always fix the problem. Loook at this recent collective bargaining agreement where the "rich" like the Yankees, Sox have to share revenue with small market teams. Most of those small market teams have not a clue how best to spend the money because they don't have people in the front office that have done their homework as to how best to spend it. Money does not solve the problem, talent can be bought, but still it has to come together on the field.

To the Red Sox credit, they came very close. They made some nice moves...especially with Bill Mueller at third (batting champ this year).

And--oh by the way---when listing all the players the Yankees have "robbed" from other teams, one should never leave the name Babe Ruth off such a list. Remember, Ruth came up with the Red Sox.

Suck on that.

The point, my friend, is that the Yankees do way more of it and have changed the landscape of the game so that other teams have to try and keep up.

And yes, the Yankees have always done it. The 21-23, 26-28 Yankees were basically bought and paid for by a franchise that couldn't compete through player development. The teams of the 30s and 40s were legit. The 50s teams exploited the Browns and had the willing support of the KC A's, whose owner owned Yankee Stadium and sent us best players to the Yankees, such as the famous Roger Maris for an aging Hank Bauer trade. And ever since free agency Steinbrenner has bought teams. The 1977-78 teams ... without Catfish Hunter and Reggie Jackson, they lose twice to the Royals, or probably never catch the 78 Red Sox.

Regional cable is the difference today It gives Steinbrenner so much money that he can overcome any mistakes in the free agent market, plus he has cash at the end of the season to add more players than anyone else. I mean, look the 1996 team. Crap, you had Gooden, Strawberry, Raines, Jimmy Key, David Cone, Chuck Knoblauch, Cecil Fielder, Paul O'Neill, I mean, Steinbrenner cherrypicked the entire league to win. The 1998-01 teams weren't any better. It's nowhere near the scale.

This year, the Yankees started spring training with either potential starting pitchers.

I repeat, enjoy your lucre-tainted victory. Then go root for Merrill Lynch or something.

'either' should be 'eight'.



OK, that's over the line.

I liked Thurman Munson. He at least was a Yankee, not a mercenary.

And now Steinbrenner gives money to those less fortunate in the league--like the Twins, who have an owner with all kinds of money but wont spend it on the team. By the way, the Twins owner just pockets George's contribution under the CBA.

Point is, George gives money to big talent just as freely as he gives his hard earned earnings to the small market teams in the league--and he still wins.

Boston, is hardly having trouble keeping up. They have spent a lot of cash in the last few years trying to compete and keep up with the Yankees, and I suspect they are not about to stop spending now.

One thing they might have considered though is having more than one big name pitcher on the staff...and maybe going after Felipe Alou or Dusty Baker (both bonified managers) instead of the bonehead they wound up width.

It's true, your point, that you have to spend money to make it in this league and no team does it better than the Yankees, but my argument is that money does not solve all--look at the Dodgers or the freaking Mets, for instance, they spend all sorts of money and still can't even get into the post-season.

Also, I didn't notice the Angels last year, or the Marlins of this year, having much problem with the money issue. They don't have the payroll of the Yankees but they don't bitch about not being able to keep up either, they just went out and took care of bizness.

Whatever. Blame it on the money, if that makes you feel better. Or the YES network, ya that must be it. But when is it ever Boston's fault? That game could have gone either way, but it wasn't to be for Boston, once again (go freaking figure huh), and now its time to sort through the usual assortment of excuses and alleged injustices that Red Sox nation has to offer.


Cruel, just cruel...considering I'm posting a comment AFTER Grady Little blew the fucking game. Just crewl. Have a heart for us Red Sox fans you friggin' bastards.