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pre-game jitters

tumbb.jpgIt's still four hours 'til game time and my stomach is already in knots.

This is the epitome of sports. A seventh game between two rival teams. Do or die. Win or go home. Insert cliche here.

My pre-game ritual is all set up and ready go to go. But I'm wondering - do I tempt fate and the gods of baseball by putting some voodoo magic up here? Do I bring back Ted's head for game seven? What do you think? And shut up, Red Sox fans. I'm not talking to you.

Statia, I share my Tums with you. My last and final gesture of kindness before 8:00 comes and we are mortal enemies again. Take one and pass it on.


I vote for Ted's Head, thumbtacks and all.

Yeah, I'm sure it must be real bad for your mental and physical health to root for a team that always wins. Yeah, must be torture roll eyes

Well, as long as Ed Whitson is starting, everything should be fine for the Yankees.

Clemens in lcs and world series games with yanks, not counting his first one which was the debacle at fenway against pedro in '99, he is 5-0 with a mid 1's era. even with that one he is 5-1 with a 2.28 era. pretty good numbers and as a result i am very confident with him on the mound tonight. all the pressure in the world is on pedro. if the rocket loses, which he won't, he is still the rocket. but if pedro falters, his place in history is changed dramatically. go yanks!!

Cockiness hours before game time is bad luck.
Instead, an impending feeling of dread that the Sox are going to lose and the season is going to slip away has become my good luck charm.

For example:

"Nomar Sucks!!" - and Nomar goes 4-5 with a triple.
"When will these guys produce?" - and the team goes 16 for 42, with 9 runs scored.

Today's mantra is going to be
"What the heck has happened to Pedro? He's not nearly as good as he used to be."

Ready for a letdown, Rob?

  • In '03, at Yankee Stadium, NY is 0-3 against the Sox with Clemens pitching, with the Sox outscoring NY 30-6.
  • Against the Yankees, Martinez is 1-1 with an ERA of 3.80. Against the Red Sox, Clemens is 1-2 with an ERA of 8.67.
  • Martinez has 43 strikeouts in matchups with Clemens, while Clemens has 27 strikeouts.
  • Boston is 2-1 over the Yankees in games in which either or both pitchers have stayed for the decision.
  • In matchups between Clemens and Martinez, the Sox have outscored the Yankees 11-7.

At what point in time can I send you pictures of me dancing around in my Red Sox lucky underwear?

Now if you send me naked pictures of yourself, I promise not to wear that pair of lucky underwear that have not been washed since 1986.

That extra mojo might put you in position to reinforce the Bambino curse and CAUSE the Yankees to win!

So here is the deal, I'm pitting MY lucky pair of Red Sox underwear against your naked body.

Sounds like a VERY fair trade to me!

As a Red Sox Fan.

Thanks for the tums. Good luck. (building up god karma)

Ask yourself this...is Clemons going to let the Red Sox/Pedro beat him in his last ever game (which it would be if they do beat him)?

Heard today this is the 26th meeting between the teams this season. That's a MLB record. Yanks have won 13, Sox 12. So if the Sox do win they should have to have one more playoff game to settle the season series once and for all (unlikely). They have also both scored the same amount of runs against each other in the series so far, I believe. Weird.

Michele, do what you feel you need to do. Fans at the game, don't touch any Boston foul balls. Babe Ruth...if you are reading this, please help them Yanks one more time.

Bring back Ted's head.

The Yankees, apart from their malodorous owner, have great character. Even Clemens (though that doesn't mean he isn't still an arse).

However, I sense uncharacteristic confidence in the Red Sox this year. Something tells me they just might pull it off. No matter what it should be one for the history books...

GO Yankees!!!!

because god can't be that much of a bastard to Chicago and the Cubs.

Hope you're stocked up on Vicodin, Michelle.


Does this mean that if you are triumphant tonight then I, as a Matlins fan, will become your mortal enemey?

Perhaps a friendly wager would be in order.

It's do or die now man. I feel your stress, believe me. There's not much either of us can do now but worry about it.

Thank you for bringing back Ted's head. I think it helped.




This Tums graphic said it all! As a former Red Sox fan who lived through the 1986 World Series and nearly got an ulcer, this picture spoke louder than words. The Yankees are more reliable and less acid-producing.

For a good spoof of the Red Sox, please see: