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squeal like a facist pig!

If I wasn't experiencing back pain today, I would invite this guy over to prove him wrong.

Well, no. I wouldn't. He doesn't deserve me.

And hasn't he heard the old adage that conservatives have better sex? I bet liberal don't use real leather in their bondage games, either. Sex with pleather accessories is just so gauche.


I think the m'bats are using bondage gear made from hemp these days.

Which might not be altogether bad.

No, "liberals" don't realize it's a game. ;-)

Anyway, looked at the link in question. The person in question appears to be quite childish.

I can't even get ticked off at that guy for being so petulant - it's like being ticked off at a 4 year old.

So sad.

Ah, yet another in the long line of lefty snob star, self indulgent blogs. Why is it these guys are so caught up in the superiority they hold in their own minds that they write such idiotic tripe?!

A little light goes off after about 3 or 4 entries in which as I read them, the following question keeps popping into my mind:

What the HELL are you babbling about?

There's nothing more annoying than reading a paragraph or so and having no idea what concept the self indulgent boob is trying to get across.

InstaSpundit? Is that even funny to moonbats?
These people are dain bramaged.

heheh... you said "gauche"

This ‘Tooney’ was saying that Evan Coyne Maloney was no Michael Moore. In Tooney’s alternate universe, that’s supposed to be an insult.

It’s a pointless site. But the Maloney link is worthwhile – some pro-Palestinian demonstrators got nasty (no surprises there)

Were his "disclosure" comments supposed to be funny or clever? They're neither. Completely devoid of wit or satire.

This reminds me of my 4 year-old's knock-knock "jokes":

He: Knock, Knock
Me: Who's there?
He: Uh (looking around the room), Chair!
Me: Chair who?
He: Chair I've got a green stegosaurus.....{Laughs at his joke).
Me: (Speechless, sobbing silently... as my son either is a bit slow, destined to be an envelope stuffer; or has no sense of humor, destined to be an accountant)

Maybe I'm expecting too much of a 4-year old. Maybe I'm expecting too much of a lefty.

ooooooooh ma gaaawds that was sooo lame. At least i know my crapblog is lame and don't try to pass it off as even vaguely interesting.

Disclosure: after getting kicked out of all the local homeless shelters for smelling too bad, the "Tooney Bin" guy examines a globe, trying to figure out if there's any country where he can live in bathless bliss.

Seriously, this guy is making fun of someone else's haircut?

Oh go ahead. After all, it shouldn't take very long...

There is an old adage that says women are looser in a morally conservative atmosphere and less-so in a more liberal atmosphere... Women seek more sex under greater moral pressure, whodathunkit?

Hell, do it for spite.

Just take pictures.