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i hate game sevens

Lucky for me, my back went out today and I watched the last few innings of the game under the influence of a combination of drugs that would be considered illegal in some states.

Vicodin makes games like that hurt less.


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Game seven is a good thing for the NY economy. Milk it for all it's worth. GO SOX!!!

And Now For The Happy Recap!!!! Go Soxs

It had to be. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Clements vs. Pedro. All on the line. One game to settle it all. Destiny has brought this day to pass.

May the Yankees once more beat back the red foulness and take their rightful place atop baseball and all of sports so that we may all bask in their eternal greatness.

Ted Rall is a commie Red Sox fan!

You should stock up for tomorrow, then. :D

I suggest full-body armor for Mr. Posada when he goes up to bat against Pedro.

I knew it was too quiet.

Don't know who's gonna win tomorrow, but I'll definitely be watching.

Feel sorry for the Cubs fans. Kerry Wood just didn't have his good stuff tonight, and their lack of quality in the bullpen was exposed again.

What the Cubs accomplished under Dusty this year should be perceived as a great step forward considering their lousy record in recent years, but I reckon it probably won't be...

Send some over this way, please. It's going to be a lllllllllllllooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg


winter in Chicago.

There is no joy in Wrigleyville tonight.

really? coz I got a few million e-mails that tell me they can get you a REALLY good deal on Vicodin.

Shouldn't that be "Games Seven"?

Not that it matters much. Kind of like the first story on http://www.theonion.com/archive/archive_nib09.php -- William Safire Orders Two Whoppers Junior

Look, I'll root a bit for the Red Sox. But still. How could a Yankees fan believe anything other than good things will happen for the Yankees? That extra $50 million in payroll's got to be worth it now.

But if I were Boston, I'd start Wakefield for five innings, then bring in Pedro.

This is it. This is what they've been playing for. One Game. Two Pitchers. One chance.

A fan's dream. Of course, I hope it goes my way and the Sox win it but either way, it's a baseball dream come true.

All I can say is...


We've been whooping up about the vaunted Red Sox offense, and it took until Game f'in 6 of the ALCS to finally bust out?!?!?! If that in all its weirdness isn't a reverse curse, then it's got to be the sour alternative - the baseball gods continuing to string the Sox fans along, toying with us until the very end. We'll see soon enough which that is.

I have a big smile on my face today. Cubs lose! But I'm not giving my Cub fan coworkers and brothers a hard time. Yet.

Guess who stopped smoking today?

Thurman Munson!


And that's funny, how?