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mother nature is a beast

As I was driving home from work today, I had to struggle at some points to keep my car - my two ton SUV - in its lane. The wind was strong enough to bend large trees and fierce enough to knock a few down.

It looks like that wind is to blame for a deadly accident involving a Staten Island Ferry:

A ferry filled with New York commuters was involved in an accident Wednesday afternoon as it approached the Staten Island terminal.

At least 12 people were feared dead and more than 20 were severely injured, officials said, The Associated Press reported.

Witnesses say that the ferry was traveling in an erratic manner before the accident, and that wind was gusting at great speeds at the time.


Maybe the Safety Nazis will ban weather.

Brrr. I used to ride that thing twice a day for 5 years.

What was up with the captain fleeing?

The mayor, speaking at an evening press conference, said that all the ship's crew members have been accounted for. He also denied a report that one of the ship's two captains left the ship following the accident, returned to his home, and attempted to shoot himself with a BB gun.

I'll see what else I can find on this.

But then, there's this in the Daily News:

The ship's captain fled the scene and was tracked down by police at his Staten Island home, said a high-ranking police source speaking on condition of anonymity.

BB gun??

Someone actually reported that he tried to shoot himself with a BB gun?

Wow. That's just about stupid enough to be true.

There's something very wrong here. I spent a year commuting on that ferry, often through some nasty, nasty weather. No one can tell me that we had a hurricane this afternoon.

Someone fucked up and killed a bunch of people today. I find it hard to believe that a pilot could drive a Staten Island Ferry into pilings hard enough to rip the damn thing open.

[IMO, of course (he added, not wanting to be sued just in case)...]

The local news in LA also reported the pilot fleeing, slashing his wrists and shooting himself with a BB gun. Then they added that he was taken to the same hospital as the victims of the crash.

I'm not sure how the wind would cause it to crash at full speed but I know nothing about ferry driving.