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game time

There will be no game time voodoo today. No Ted's head. No pin cushions.

I don't want to be blamed should something go very wrong and the Yankees lose and the fans are looking for someone to blame and suddenly my picture is featured at Smoking Gun and a million people are all clamoring to tie me to a horse and drag me around town.

Well, a million more people, anyhow.

Go Yanks!

[By the way, the winds are gusting at about 45 mph right now. Could make the game interesting]


Never use Yankees and lose in the same sentence!! You should know better by now. Plus, stick to your routine, never break it for one game, that is never a godd idea. Go Yanks!

What, you don't want to be THE FAN?

Shouldn't you be in the bleachers doing a Jeffrey Meier imitation?

Hey, how about joining the No-Goat Zone? Check SR



See what happens when you put away Ted's head?