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3 American die in a bombing in Gaza.

So, let's spin the wheel of blame, shall we?


Round and round and round it goes, it won't stop til the whole thing blows.

Oh, and look at those innocent Palestinians. Throwing rocks at investigators at the bombing scene. How sweet.

UPDATE: Meryl thinks it may have been al Qaida. She also points to this BBC story:

But our correspondent says there have been reports of jubilation among Palestinians in a nearby refugee camp - as they get increasingly angry at what they perceive as Washington's one-sided approach to the Mid-East crisis.

Celebrate good times, come on! It's a celebration... Peaceful people, indeed.


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I knew I could count on you and Meryl to word the whole situation so well....
always good to see your spin on things..I love it.

Time to introduce the Gaza Strip to "Renovation by MOAB."

Yes, such lovely people, indeed. I wonder if tracking candy sales in eastern Israel is a good way of fortelling future terrorist attacks.

They don't seem to celebrate anything else.

Death to America

Hey, Ted Rall says that there is no sign of the Palestinians having anything to do with it. And we all know he is never wrong...

Can we send Ted Rall to Gaza?