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attention cubs fans

This guy did not lose the game for the Cubs. Mark Prior lost the game.

Leave the poor guy alone. It's not his fault the Cubs blew a 3-0 lead so late in the game.


It's just the Cubs curse...and they wouldn't be the Cubs if they didn't break all the fans' hearts. Loveable losers indeed.

A loss for Prior was how it was scored.

A damned good reason for that guy to dye his hair, change his name, and move to a remote hut in the mountainous jungles of Madagascar for facilitating The Robbery at Wrigley is what it actually was.

Michele, don't try to tell the Cubs fans that you'd be so kind if that's Yankee stadium instead of Wrigley.

This Cubs fan is staying positive. But that guy needs to hire movers and get out of town, fast.

Go Cubbies.

And with all due respect, the ball was heading towards Alou's glove until the hands interfered.

dusty baker lost the game, as he always occasionally loses games. you leave a 23-year old pitcher in the game when he's at 110 pitches, after throwing 130+ pitches for each of the past four games, you're looking for trouble. that's precisely why his 2-seamer wasn't tailing, and his slider was hanging.

you gotta trust your bullpen enough to go with a 3 run lead for 2 innings. end of story.

Down here in south Florida, we have a lot of people that practice Santeria rites and such so we know better than to mess around with billy goats if you don't know what you're doing.

The fan was clueless, but he should not be blamed for all that went on...he just got the ball rolling and then it all snowballed. Baseball is funny with momentum that way.

Maybe Major League Baseball needs a fan protection program?

Doesn't matter--the Yankees are going to win it all anyway.

If you take away the fan, you look at the bungle by Alex Gonzalez and you just chalk it up to the curse.

He wouldn't be to blame anyway. He's just an instrument of fate.

i blame Bernie Mac. He substituted "Champs" for "Cubbies" while singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." He put the whammy on them.

Poor guy. He didn't even get the ball....

I actually fear for the guy's life. On Yahoo right now, the most viewed image is a picture of him. Not the one of him trying to catch the ball... just a close up shot of his face. I think he needs to grow a beard quick.

Regardless of whether it's his fault or not, that guy seriously needs to get out of town. For a long time. He could very easily get hurt.

On that Yahoo photo, I can't help but notice that all the others in his area are standing back and letting it all pan out. He should have stood back and let the guy make the play. Alou might well have thrown him the ball afterwards anyways.

THANK YOU, Michele. "The Cubs were five outs away..." Hello, it wasn't an inning-ending play.

Alou wouldn't have caught the ball anyway. Alex Gonzalez is the Leon Durham of 2003. Did he have Gatorade spilled on his mitt?

Alou definitely would have caught the ball - it was only a few inches from the pocket of his glove when it was deflected. How that out would have affected the rest of the game, we'll never know. BTW, there was another guy to the homeplate side of the fan in question who was also standing up reaching out for the ball. If the ball had come to him, he would have interfered just as badly as the guy it did come to.

All these people who are threatening the poor sap who deflected the ball need to grow up. It's a freaking game! Anyone who thinks a baseball game is a life or death situation needs to be suited up and sent to the Middle East, where we currently have U.S. soldiers who are facing REAL life or death situations every day.

And to think, up to that point, he was enjoying a great game from a great seat with great fans. Then, suddenly, he became a scapegoat because his hand, amidst a sea of other hands, bopped the ball. Poor guy. Dicked by the dangling dong of destiny.

Sorry, but those now claiming that the fan didn't cost the game just don't know much about baseball. Even if Prior's pitching still would have fallen apart without the momentum shift that play represented, and even if that play had nothing to do with Gonzales error at short (neither of which I believe to be the case), the Marlins tying run was the batter who otherwise would have been out. The next run to score, and the one that gave the Marlins the lead, came up on a sac fly to Right that would have been out number 3 (preventing the run). The entire Marlins rally came after the inning should have been over. Ultimately, the Marlins got six runs that they could not have gotten but for that play.

Granted, the Cubs could have gotten out of that inning despite the fan's play, but without that fan, the Marlins would not have won. The bonehead was a necessary (if not sufficient) cause of the Cubs loss.

None of this has any bearing on whether this fan should be hung from the highest tree on Waveland Avenue, of course, but pretending that this fan didn't cost the Cubs the game is ignorant revisionism.

Thanks Spoons

That boy needs to move. I hope he did not show up to work today. Unless he works on the south side.

It was absolutely his fault. The same as Bill Buckner is to blame for the Red Sox in 1986. Sometimes the actions of one individual can have far reaching affects on others. Nothing supernatural here, just the Cubs confidence getting crushed and Marlins taking advantage of a second chance. The Cubs WILL lose tonight and that fan is to blame. They should stake him to the bring wall and set the ivy on fire.

Spoons is right in that you cannot give away outs in a major league game. The competition is just too good, especially in the postseason.

Michelle, if this had happened to the Yankees at the Stadium, how would the other Yankee fans have reacted?

I'll tell you how Yankee fans would have reacted - they would have been pissed. At least until they got the guy out. Because that's what good teams do. They don't go all to pieces when one foul ball is nudged from an out to a non-consequential pitch.

These were far more prominent reasons for the loss:

- Mark Prior came back after that foul ball and proceeded to walk the batter.
- Dusty Baker continued to go with Prior after he should have gone to his bullpen (after the 1 one double).
- The shortstop booted an easy double play ball. Whether the previous hitter had made an out or walked, that should have been the end of the inning.

Sorry Cub fans, those are the breaks. As I heard today, it's hard to recall a team reaching such amazing depths of choke-dom. A professional baseball team sighs an "oh well" and walks back to their position and proceeds to play the game after something like that. The Cubs chose to throw a temper tantrum and then blow the game.

I guess the Cubs were the only team on the field last night huh? Not one mention of the Marlins in this whole thread. Not one mention of the way they have come back from deficits dozens and dozens of times this year to win the game or of the way they have been battling it out all postseason.

Look, the guy that bopped the ball didnt lose the game, Pryor didnt lose the game, the Cubs didnt lose the game. Simply put, the Marlins WON the game. End of story. That's Beisbol.


No, Baker should not have gone to the pen earlier. Prior was pitching fine until that incident, and the Cubs' pen sucks. Even after Prior started to have trouble, he was still the best arm in the stadium. It was a good call to give him a chance to pitch out of that jam, especially as he'd only thrown about 110 pitches at that point (which is NOTHING for Prior, who AVERAGED 130 per start all season). Now, if you want to argue that Farnsworth was the wrong guy to bring in in that situation, you could have a point.

Second the Gonzales play would not have been an easy DP. As deep as that was in the infield (and as was pretty clear from the replay), they'd only have gotten one.

They shouldn't blame the fan...I mean he was certainly clueless enough, but really he was just the latest pawn in that great unexplainable cosmos of Cubbies rotten luck. If he hadn't had done something the shortstop, remember, did his best Bill Buckner rendition a few moments later on a very easy grounder that even Mrs.O'Leary's cow could have fielded and turned into a double play.

The fan just reminded the Cubs of the perpetual black cloud that exists over their heads. As soon as it happened you could just tell...it was happening again.

In hindsight, if I was the Cubs manager (Dusty Baker-who had a similar thing happen with 5 outs to go in last years World Series while he was managing the Giants in game 6, remember?) I would have gone out and at least argued the call. It was not a bad call, it was a correct call, but by taking the time to argue it--you give everyone (especially pitcher Mark Prior--who had turned in a special performance up until that point) a chance to just step back and slow down and regain their composure. Who knows? Maybe even the Cubs/Prior would have bought into the fact that it was a bad call, something a little easier to get over, quite likely, than one of your own fans actually starting the proverbial snowball a rolling along...yes? But Baker was just as shell-shocked as everyone else. He did nothing and the Cubs once again found themselves in the recurring nightmare that has made them so incredibly followed and beloved. He probably realized...there is nothing that can be done...it's just going to keep happening over and over again in some way or another. 

No, don't blame the fan, it was, after all,  in the cosmos all along.

It will be interesting to see how they respond tonight (game 7). Game 6 and "The Fan" could be a game remembered for 24 years or 24 hours. However, history is not on the side of teams that suffer such heartbreaking game 6 losses (see Giants last year, Red Sox in years past etc...).

Sadly the fan will be the focus (his blown up/crystal clear picture is already the most popular photo of the day at Yahoo, FARK (of course) (among other places) and not the one of him fielding (err...trying to field, sadly he did not even get the ball) the play but a mug shot more or less as if daring people to be on the lookout for him and do something to him. An APB if you will. 

Cubs fans should all know better by now--and I suspect they will soon enough come to their senses. This is, after all, why they are the loveable Cubs. 

By the way...a fitting end would be tonight if Alou could catch the final out that gave the Cubs the World Series berth they are so longing for and then turn and flip the ball to the same fan sitting in the same place. Now that would be hard to believe yes? But it's already all to hard to believe isn't it? Or not.

Also interesting...the last time the Cubs got shut out in a playoff game (before Sunday) was in the 1918 World Series by none other than Boston pitcher Babe Ruth. The more things change...the more they stay the same.

Also interestingly enough, a similar thing happened earlier in this series with fan interference on a play that the Cubs catcher couldn't make because of a fan, right? Fate even gave us all a clever foreshadowing--how cool is that?

the curse of the bambino. the curse of the "fielding fan".

losers always look for someone to blame, but themselves.

"It was not a bad call, it was a correct call..."

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The fan prevented the second out of the inning from being made on that particular foul ball - that's all.

Good teams find ways to overcome adversity, weak teams find ways to be defeated by it. It was obvious that Prior was losing steam, but as others have pointed out, the Cubs bullpen isn't that great. If Dusty Baker had Mariano Rivera in his pen, Prior would likely have been pulled at the first sign that he was tiring, Gonzalez would probably have taken his time making the sure out at second instead of hurrying to try and make an unlikely double-play, and chances are the Cubs would now be waiting to see who they'd face in the World Series.

Ask the past decade of Atlanta Braves teams if the lack of a great closer can bite you big-time in the playoffs.

All that said, the Cubs still have a great chance to make it to the Series. If they're thinking like winners, right now they're thrilled to death that last night was Game Six and not Game Seven.