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date night with quentin

The choice:

Drop the kids off at mom's after work and head out for some shopping, a movie and dinner with my husband.


Stay home and watch the Yankee game, most likely getting worked up and aggravated.

Did I mention the movie is Kill Bill?

The hell with the Yankees. I am getting quality alone time with my husband, and I am seeing a movie that has rendered usually sane people speechless with its awesomeness. We may sit through it twice if it lives up to the hype. We may sit through it twice even if it sucks just so we can stay out longer.

Target, Quentin and a big, juicy diner burger and no kids. Baseball - even Yankee playoff baseball - cannot hold a candle to that lineup.


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That's one way to ensure a victory...

I'd skip watching the Yankees just for the burger. But then I'm a Cubs Fan.

The Yanks play at 4 p.m. anyway so not really getting in the way anyway.

Cubs play tonight and clinch world series ticket

Oh hell yeah...The movie is great! Excellent comedy. ;)

Kill Bill!! And dinner with the hubby might be good, too. It's not a series deciding game.

Date night for sure! You'll have to tell us how it was. The movie, not the date.

With Lowe on the mound for Boston I would agree that Yankee fans might want to skip this afternoon's fun.


I tried that approach in '86...it didn't work...the Red Sox lost, anyway.

Go have fun. I'm sure you don't want to watch the Sox win again anyway. :D

Saw it Sat night.You have chosen wisely.I cannot wait to hear your commentary on it.

Do it! It's worth it for Go Go the Killer Japanese schoolgirl alone.

Saw Kill Bill, loved it.
Go for it.

In my experience, having someone close to you who likes the same general sort of movies you like is not a circumstance to be taken for granted.


my name's Buck, and I'm here to...

well, not watch baseball, anyways.

As fantastic as Kill Bill is, you missed a gem from David Wells. Now, let's just hope Mo can work around this leadoff triple from Walker and get six outs to give the Yanks a chance to close it out with Pettitte on the bump.

Baseball, ugh. I'd watch any movie rather than a baseball game. Heck, I'd watch paint dry. (The Yankees are baseball, right?)

Bah. At least you didn't get to watch a Yankees win.

Go for the movie! It rules!