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i confess, i confess

\con*fess"\, v. i. 1. to make confession; to disclose sins or faults, or the state of the conscience.

the idea is for anyone to anonymously confess to anything. it actually feels kind of good to know that someone will read it.

That's the premise behind grouphug.us, a site where you can anonymously let it all out.

The group hug aspect of the site leaves a lot to be desired. There's nowhere that you can leave a message for someone saying, Dude, I know what you're going through. I once spied on my elderly aunt in the bathtub, too! Hug me!

Basically, it's just a bunch of people confessing to odd things or writing about how desperate, sad and lonely their lives are, or just making things up. Perhaps the group hug lies in the fact that misery loves company. Hey, there are tons of miserable bastards like myself out there. I feel so much better now!

I have to say that the anonymous confession part intrigues me. Who doesn't have some musty, dirty skeleton just sitting in their closet, waiting to be invited out? Who among us isn't harboring some childhood secret that causes recurring nightmares and multiple trips to the confession booth, where you always back out and run screaming out of the church at the last minute?

Come on, big group hug for those of us that are holding in a past transgression; it could be a stolen baseball card, a quickie in a chat room with someone who is not your significan other, a lie told to a teacher, a fake bio in your alumni quarterly. Maybe you told your mother-in-law that you love her stuffed cabbage casserole and you're just dying to tell someone what kind of dreck it really was.

Do I have things I need to confess to? You bet.

Am I going to confess my darkest moments here? Not likely. I've put most of those sorry moments away, tucked deep into that part of my mind that only lets things out in the middle of the night, in my dreams, where they manifest themselves in various ways that I decipher upon waking.

But you don't want my dark moments, anyhow. You don't want to read my confessions [bless me father, for I have sinned, it's been x years since my last confession and these are my sins; that is ingrained in my head forever], at least not the ones that would mean something only to me and the people they involved. Let's keep the dark moments where they belong; in the dark.

I can readily confess to other things that don't mean so much in the long run, but someone might get a slight chuckle out of.

I own an Oasis cd.
I voted for Ralph Nader.
I think Justin Timberlake is hot.
I haven't used an iron in years; it's much easier to throw the wrinkled clothes in the dryer for a few minutes.

Yes, that's right. I voted for Ralph Nader.

Hey, maybe that is one of my deep, dark secrets. I feel better, lighter already. Maybe I'll stop dreaming about Al Gore hunting me down with a butcher knife now that I got that out in the open.

Maybe it's time to.....nah, nevermind. You wouldn't want to know about that.


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oh my god
so you're the reason
we got stuck with bush
damn that is bad

i dont even own an iron
or a blow dryer
or nail polish

or a brush

or hmm
any laundry detergent

i drop off my laundry
own very few clothes that need to be ironed
and if they do
i have them dry cleaned
whenever they need ironing

i am foot loose and iron free

but damn
justin timberlake
no way mama
say it isnt so!

i must admit to you
that i think
hillary clinton is hot
or at least was
shes aging badly

Geeze, I may have gone to a H. Ross Perot fundraiser, and under the glare of a local TV station's video camera, purchased a T-Shirt (that I did wear, and have since lost to the ages and moving 4-5 times), but I never actually voted for him.

Wow. So you are one of those people...

OK, so in 1975 I owned a cassette tape with a Barry Manilow album on one side and a Kiss album on the other. What's worse is that this seemed perfectly normal.... ;0)

Nader?! NADER?! Oh, Michele...tsk, tsk...the foibles of youth...

Justin Timberlake???
That's especially rueful when you have a musically talented admirer like Ben Weasel...

I voted for Nader also...

So shoot me :-)

Ralph Nader! You have GOT to be kidding. Ya know what, you're not my friend any more!


...okay i did too. but thats only cause I couldn't write in Browne. stupid new york.

Well, at least it wasn't a vote for Harry Browne...

Darlin, I even worked for him once.....
But not so much in the political arena, it was for MassPIRG....and even got the Silver Telephone Award TWICE!
Is that better or worse than actually VOTING for him?

That's nothing. I voted for Clinton for president once. I had a good reason. I wanted Hillary to get the hell out of Arkansas, and never come back.

Worked like a charm.

So you voted for Ralph Nadar? Well, don't worry, Michele, at least there are two other people out there who did the same thing. ;)

Yeah, I do the same thing with the dryer. Irons are just too much work.

Did you see Justin T. on Saturday Night Live last week? He was fabulous, and I don't really even like him that much. ;)

I =think= I voted for Nader last time -- which had zero effect on the NY vote, but whatever. Or maybe it was Harry Browne. All I remember is that I didn't vote for Gore or Bush.

Maybe I should go over there and make a confession. I don't have anything really cool to impress them with (yeah, pretty boring life) so I'll use my favorite "confession" from the movies:

Forgive me for the men I have killed...and those I am about to.

Ah, so that means you're really a member of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. Hand in your VRWC Card, girl.

Nader I can see, but Justin "Whigga" Timberlake? Yeesh.

The only way you could make Justin Timberlake hot to me would be if you set him on fire.