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die, comment spammers, die and other blogging stuff

Thank you to Kevin who installed the new MT Blacklist plug-in last night, thus giving me free reign to kick some comment spammer ass. Thanks to Jay Allen for putting so much effort into this. Kevin has more on the plug-in and how to use it - including an extensive list of spammers to block - here.

Hey! Bill Quick is back!


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Saw it yesterday. Blocking anti-yankees fans?

Not quite. Blocking people who put ads in my comments.

Am I blocking someone who makes the same comment over and over without even leaving a name? Yes, I am.

Well ads suck. People's blogs are there space and if your going to advertise at least pay for it.

Hope you know it in good spirits that I side with the cubs/sox's axis


You're up to date and protected again! Nice search feature...

Hmmmmm interesting !!!