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they sure do make 'em big these days

What the hell are they feeding to teenagers these days?

My daughter has a few friends over. They are huge. Not just the guys, but the girls, too. They tower over me. They are wide and big and could all be linebackers.

Seriously, they did not make 13 year olds like this when I was young.

I just dyed all of their hair blue (parent's permission, of course). It's like being in a house with five of Babe the Blue Ox.

I'm gonna go put a deadbolt on the fridge now.


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My boss's oldest is 9 and when I saw him last week, he was as tall as I am (I'm 5' 4''). Dang! By next year he's going to looking down on me. Then I look at my desk corkboard and see the photo from his first Easter and I feel old to boot :)

Blue hair pictures, please (and I don't mean the lil' old ladies trolling for men down at the VFW).

Do you suppose this is what's behind the whole "kids are getting fatter" claims? They aren't just getting bigger, are they?

Are these studies figuring in the heights as well as the weights (and maybe the body fat %, since I don't necessarily buy the BMI as a useful tool)?

Must be all of that bovine growth hormone in the milk.

All of the teenagers are larger than I remember being at that age.

I told Fred (my daughter) the other day that her butt reminded me of a volkswagen. It seats 4! :D

She's not overweight - yet.

It's not that they are fat; they are just BIG.

Welcome to the world of today's teenagers.
They are ALL taller than me and I'm damned 5'7"...
One senior (boy type...looks like the Dell guy)..twin sophomore daughters (gonna turn 16 next month..fraternal..not identical)

Most definitely lock up your fridge..I go to the grocery store..spend an obnoxious amount of money on healthy and non healthy food (chocolate is a food group..I swear it is) and within three hours, the locust have descended and I hear wails of "there's nothing GOOD to eat in the house"

I am dreaming of the empty nest so that when I go for the butterfinger bars..they'll stinkin' be there!!!!! Well..not really. I love my kids and they make me laugh but damnit!!!! Could the carrots go before the chocolate does?
Wow..I said that with a straight face.

At any rate...enjoy it while it lasts. It doesn't last.

I recall reading that girls are getting their first period (on average) at least a year earlier than their mothers. A number of suggestions havwe been made - hormones in beef and chicken (lots of hormones in US grain-fed beef) - and even the stuff in shampoo marketed to black women (to de-kink their hair).

I don't know if that is just greenie anti-consumerism, but something has to be causing it.

It's all that synthetic baby formula they've been giving kids.

Probably just good nutritiona and parents taking better care of themselves while they're in the womb.

I had dyed my hair blue once. When I went to bleach it out my hair I ended up green (yellow and blue is green, right?). Following two more attempts to get the color out I was left with white hair with several small green spots that were decidedly stubborn.

Ever been to a medieval building, or heck, ever visited the Mayflower in Mass.? People used to be small. We, too, are giants compared to those who came before.