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mepham: placing blame where it doesn't belong

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So, why did those kids from Mepham commit those horrible acts upon their team mates?

According to one Jen Shroder, it's all about that nasty sex education.
I often rail against the liberalization of our schools, but this is just ridiculous.

Did class lessons instructing students that sodomy is an appropriate choice pave the road to acceptability of their plight? What happened was a form of rape, not to be compared to a matrimonial union between man and wife, but you can bet that the introduction of sodomy in high school introduced a whole world of sexual perversions because sodomy is, in and of itself, a sexual perversion.

It's a complete fallacy, not to mention a broad exageration, that current sex education in schools is to blame for poor morality, the prevelance of oral sex and the acceptance of sodomy.

I've had one kid go through the sex ed program already, and one currently participating. There is nothing in there that would seem to condone sodomy or oral sex or any kind of perversion. It's health, it's facts and yes, it's safe sex. But there is also a lot of ground covered on acceptable behavior, saying no, and what it means when your partner says no. The curriculum also encourages abstinence, while not being so naive as to not cover sexual protection.

I can't see how one can derive that today's sex ed lessons would lead to a bunch of football players raping their buddies with broomsticks.

Of course, the author fails to realize that rape and the type of sodomy that happened with the Mepham boys is about power, not sex. It had more to do aggression and strength than with anything they learned in a sex ed class. In fact, those traits that led the accused to do what they did were probably learned at home and on the football field.

But that doesn't matter to someone with an agenda, I suppose.


In other Mepham news, a third member of the community has come forward to say that he also received a threatening letter in response to his standing up for the victims (previous story here).

UPDATE: I didn't mean to imply that oral sex is perverted. Doesn't anyone remember Steak and BJ Day?


oh yeah, I remember back in 6th grade when I took sex-ed, when they taught us about sex using implements...Yeah right.

F***ing someone with a broomstick is a little bit different then teaching someone what a fallopian tube or a prostate is. I don't know what they're teaching kids nowawadays, but it wasn't that long ago when I took Sex ED and I don't remember them teaching us about how to pleasure your partner or how to get yourself off.

Maybe they do teach kids how to use vibrators, hump pillows and how to hurry up and have sex with their year old classmate right after school before their parents get home. Oh wait, that was college Sex Ed, never mind...

Maybe you just expect too much! ; )

Another example of Fundamentalist Christians wallowing in self-righteous ignorance.

Information is not dangerous-Ignorance is. These are the types of people who tell their children that babies come from under cabbage leaves, and that touching your own parts "down there" will get you a one-way ticket to hell.

I am entirely sure that Jamming a Broomstick up someone's ass was NOT covered in Sex ED at Mepham. This woman is blowing it out "hers".

How Islam fits into this in her mind is just.... strange.

Oral sex is deviant? Whoops.

There is nothing in there that would seem to condone sodomy or oral sex or any kind of perversion.

Are you suggesting oral sex is perverted? If two people engange in consensual oral sex - are they going to burn in the hottest fires of the nonth hell?

I guess then I will have a lot of company down there.

interesting how you know what a sex deviant is thinking.

IDIOT!!! I guess having a person like this grouped with me and other Christian conservatives is just our cross to bear (pun intended!). Hopefully, y'all will find that most of us "Cc's" rebuke this line of thinking and harshly criticize this obviously deeply misguided person... Just wish I could say the same about many liberals I know.

Hey, Jen! It doesn't matter if it's FORCED sodomy, or FORCED intercourse, or FORCED oral sex, IT'S ALL RAPE!

I guess it would be less of a problem for you if girls at a cheerleading or soccer camp to force similar objects in a young girl's vagina, 'cus then, that's more normal.

Ken, we always seem to be in the same boat here!

and the cunnilingus fairy?

Are not threats felonies?
Are the letters being examined for leads to their senders?

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