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bitchslap ted rall day, volume infinity: the daily rall

Bitchslap Ted Rall Day has just gotten a more frequent schedule.

Ted Rall blogs.

I didn't know this and I'm kind of sorry that I know now. Instead of reading his drivel just on Fridays, I will be forcing myself to wade through his dung-infested swamp of words nearly every day.

The blog is called Search and Destroy, but it's subtitle should be I am still obsessed with the 2001 election.

Sample entry:

Next year's Republican National Convention, held late to coincide with the 3rd anniversary festivities surrounding the 9/11/01 attacks and held in New York City despite the fact that every single New Yorker despises Bush and all that he stands for to an extent that can't be expressed by words, promises to put the 1968 Chicago riots to shame.I'm already stocking up bottled water and canned food for the endtimes. And I've got THE most bitching T-shirt designs ready for attendees... [emphasis added]

Wow. Ted is a mind reader as well as a flaming asshole. Every. Single. New Yorker. I would sure like Mr. Rall to prove that statement to be true. Of course, he couldn't. Because it's not.

As far as his belief that New York City will erupt in riots next September - well, that might be true. Because when people like Rall and his Indymedia friends get together to protest something, chaos always ensues. There's no such thing as a peaceful protest with this bunch. It's smash and burn, all the way. Is it me or does Rall seem just a tad too excited at the prospect of it all going to hell next year?

Rall also engages in some audience participation. He wants his readers to name his next book:

Thanks to those of you who have sent in suggestions for book titles of my 2004 collection of cartoons and columns about Bush and the goings on in his illegitimate administration. Unfortunately, there are no winners...yet.

Many respondents seem to be after some kind of "Bush Sucks" or "Why Bush Sucks" angle, but book titles have to be a little more subtle, yet straightforward at the same time, than that. So the challenge remains: name the book and you get the original artwork for one of my syndicated cartoons for your wall.

I think you know what to do. Email your suggestions to chet@rall.com. See Rall's orginal entry on the contest here.

I'm thinking perhaps: Return of Hitler. Or, Night of the Living Hitler. Or, Bush Drools, Chomsky Rules. Or....you get the idea.


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Has someone called the EPA about that pipe dumping untreated sewage?

That's one window into a mind that I certainly wish had a nice set of curtains...

I'm worried about you Michele... Somehow, I imagine you will end up spending everyday aggravating yourself over this douchebag...

I don't think he'd go for "Piece of shit", and I have no intention of reading his blog, so I'll defer this to next time.

I live & work in NYC, and I don't despise or hate Bush and everything he stands for. If it weren't for the usual assholes who bus themselves to the city and mess it up for the rest of us, I'd think that having the Republican Convention here would be great. As it is, I'm considering going to Cancun during that time. Because I know the shitheads won't be there, and I'm sure the townspeople of Cancun would have cleaned up the mess from this year's riots.

Last time I went to Cancun, I did a bunch of shopping at their Walmart in town-- Tequila at Walmart! Huzzah! Oh, and the resort area of Cancun and town part of Cancun are totally different -- great going, ruining where the local Mexicans live and shop. There will be absolutely no impact on where all the "rich" tourists stay.

I emailed and suggested:

Ted Rall is a crazy Socialist (He is! He really, really is!)

The stench was so overwhelming that I only able to read a few sentences. Fortunately I was able to close the tab (Mozilla) before I passed out.

"Ted Rall is America's BS detector"

He misspelled "one-stop shop."

How successful can this moron be if he thinks "book titles need to be subtle"? Has he not heard of the bibles of the left "Stupid White Men" and "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot"? Yeah, that's subtle.

"Funny as a Crutch and Half As Decorative"?

Naah, he'd have to spell "decorative."

I was at a local comic book store, talking to the clerk about the Dirty Danny defense fund books (the guy Rall is sueing). The clerk, who is very liberal (This was in Cambridge after all), agreed with my highly negative assessment of Rall.

"Book titles need to be subtle??"

This is Ted Rall, of all people, urging subtlety? I think the Subtlety Ship sailed many moons ago, Ted. People now expect hamfisted Hitler analogies from you as a matter of course. As the title of a book far better than yours goes, shut up and sing.

"Buy My Book: The Best Way To Help George Dubya Get Re-Elected."

It's a thought.

How to Draw
Volume One: Before

Is it time to dredge up the"as funny as a pay-tiolet in the diahrea ward"line of jokes?

i allowed myself to put myself in the mind of this assmonkey for a moment to come up with the following:

Stop, Thief! : The Workings of the Bush Administration
Stolen Goods: The Pilfered Products of the Bush Administration
Who's Your Daddy: The Adventures of Bush Jr. And Friends
Just In Case: Pre-Emptive Musings on the Bush Administration
I Found Them: Bush and the Administration of Mass Destruction
Operational Error: The Shock and Awe of the Bush Administration
A Well-Oiled Machine: The Truth about the Bush Administration
Occupational Hazard: The Liberated Story of the Bush Administration

and of course, since he was my #1 halloween costume:

Ted Rall: A Friend To All Children

He doesn't have comments.

Ted, you friggin' asshelmet, you don't have comments.


Wanna have some fun? Go get jameswagner.com.

This asshat disrupted Wolfowitz's lecture with Goldberg at the New School 3 weeks ago. I have posted a few vignettes of Saddam's war crimes and asked why he thinks stopping those was itself a war crime. No abusive language whatever, but he blocked me! And of course deleted the comments.

He can't block all of us before something starts to sink in...