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an ode to jason, my blogroll dealer


Well, not really an ode, as odes are usually poetic. And this - this is just pathetic.

The last 24 hours have been hell. I was like a crack addict looking for a fix, hunting down blogs that don't use blogrolling and using their links list like a cheap whore hitting on someone's husband.

I was a mess, I tell you. Empty, void, blackened. I penned dark, somber songs and wrote epic poetry by candlelight all dedicated to my blogrolls. I was Poe, my link list was Annabel Lee.

Today I wandered around the blogosphere aimlessly, wildly typing in URLs by hand - URLs I thought I knew by heart - and realizing I had no idea how to spell Pejmanesque or Du Toit or that the Penny Arcade URL had a dash in the middle. I was frantic, out of my mind. I dove into Instapundit's link list, sniffing out the blogs I had missed out on today, wondering when their last update was. The emptiness that lived inside me, not knowing who was pinging at that very moment, it's something I never want to feel again. There's not enough methadone in the world to see me through another withdrawal.

Blogrolling has spoiled me; it's made my mind lazy and my fingers out of practice. Click, click, click, is all I know. And yet, I missed it so. I crave it, love, cannot live without it.

Jason, thank you for bringing my crack back to me, and thank you for the best invention since the vibrator.


Did you know this guy has a blog, too? It's in my blogroll. It's called 'JD's Blog: Life in L.A.' or something to that effect. He told the whole story of why Blogrolling was gone so long.
(And, somewhere on there, he's got a picture of the best looking guy I've seen in a while. The guy's wearing a white shirt, unbuttoned and he's on stage somewhere, doing God knows what, but being gorgeous while he's doing it...)

I share your shame spiral...I shamelessly used others too.

Yes, Stevie. That link in the last line that says "Jason" would be his blog.

I certainly hoped you folks used MY links page. Painfully handmade and updated, just for those of you who aren't BR addicts.

I didn't have access to my SecretBlogroll™ either -- I was also typing links laboriously into the long-unused address bar. Oh, the humanity!

I felt the same pain. I went ahead and bookmarked tons of sites for backup. Ugh, the things we take for granted!

Oh, and just how do I get added to that fabulous blogroll of yours ;-)

Don't make me come to your house and install a newsreader... Can I call you "old fashioned"?

Thank goodness for Instapundit's blogroll. Which is also still done by hand. :-)