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the world is not ready for this

So, I go into the kitchen, where the kids' computer is. Natalie is typing away. I take a look at the screen and there, right before my eyes, is the Blogger template.

Yes, she has started a blog.

No, I'm not giving you the URL.

But I will let tell you that her blog description puts Morrisey and Robert Smith to shame.

I am so incredibly proud.


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Oh how fun! It's enough to make any mother proud - and something about apples and trees might be appropriate!

I'd say apples and distances from trees are very appropriate there. Good for her! Let us know when your son starts one too. ;)

Thank God she's literate. That's more than you can say about the majority of kids today.

There are now about three types of literacy out there: functional literacy, by which they mean that you can read routine forms you need to fill in. Second, there is now technical literacy. This means that you are literate, but only in a strictly utilitarian way. And then there is just plain literate, which is too much to expect of any random members of our population anymore.

Ya know, Mom, since there's no fights...er...baseball tonight, sounds like a wonderful time to help here set up her templates!

Please, please pleeeeese give us the URL.
Just this once.

hmm..wonder if she picked xanga..

I wouldn't give out the URL, either. For those amongst us who are nice, it would be fun to go see and with her well; Michele has some people come through here that would be more than happily abusive, though.

No need to expose the kid to that.

Yeah, keep the URL under wraps. Let her get to enjoy basic writing, then move on to advanced internet interaction, including 'whack-a-troll'

I'm curious about the description which puts Morrissey and Robert Smith to shame.

hey, if she's ever looking to talk to a blogger near her own age...

i'm 15 and offer peer tutoring in many subjects, including Basic and Advanced Fisking, Snarky Commentary 101, Indymedia Navigation, How To Use Google PageRank To Your Advantage, and the oh-so-important What To Do If You Get On The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler's Bad Side, learned from experience :)