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no voodoo today

Today, we work with the good. Zim's namesake brings his special brand of powerful alien magic to the rescue.

Do not mess with The Zim.

[click for superpowerful image]


While Don "The Gerbil" Zimmer is in the hospital maybe he could get a brain transplant at the same time. The one he currently has is obvioulsy dead. Yo, Gerbil, you're a 72-year old man. Sit your fat ass down, and quit trying to start fights with 30-year old athletes in top physical shape.

And to Nelson and Garcia, maybe you should go to the same hospital and get a testicle transplant. Two athletes jumping one groundskeeper, that takes absolutely NO BALLS!!! Of course, they are Yankees, which means they are automatically punks. Example one of Yankee punkness is Clemens (take your pick on any number of incidents). Example two is Posada meekly walking back to the dugout, getting all tooled-up in his catchers gear, and THEN talking crap to Martinez.

As seen on Fark:

"Seeing Zim hit the ground was even funnier than the Preparation H commercial he did. How's your roids now, Zim?"

This episode is just another reason the plague on humanity that is the Designated Hitter needs to be banished forever. It doesn't take much of a man to pitch up & in when he knows he'll never (OK virtually never, excepting inter-league play) have to stand in a batter's box himself. The DH has never been anything other than a silly gimmick - it's time for it to go.

Hear, hear, Mike!

(And I don't even watch baseball!)

Yes, I was thinking that about the DH, too.

Punks like Roger Clemens need to bat.