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a red sox fan speaks

However, in all my years of watching Red Sox baseball, nothing prepared me for the deep hurt inflicted yesterday. While other games may have wounded my heart, this one blackened my soul.

--- Edward Cossette at Fox Sports New England.

The game was a disgrace to all of baseball. Though Martinez is surely to blame for the events that transpired, the ugliness was just amplified by Zimmer, Nelson and Garcia.

By the way: A Boston police spokeswoman has backed off previous statements that the two Yankees would be charged. She now says the incident will be investigated.
The reason I blame Martinez is not for his cowardly reaction to a 72 year old man coming after him; it's for this action, which set the tone:



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Hey, where'd you find that? That's the first picture I've seen of him doing the gesture...what a punk.

Ok.. but if someone was coming at you, regardless of age with a fist, wouldn't you push him out of the way? I think Pedro was being nice. If someone came at me with a fist, I'd make sure that I would be the one punching first. I thought he was being nice to the old guy.

Maybe the 72 year old man should be taking swings at Pedro. I think he got exactly what he deserved. He's lucky Pedro didn't know his ass out. I also do not hink that Pedro would intentionally throw at Garcia on purpose in that situation. I know that he has done it before, but he wouldn't in a game as imporant as Friday's. And by the way... Yankeees Suck!!!

Taylor, your logic is astounding.

I was rooting for the Sox because I felt sorry for them, what with their inability to win the big ones for lo these many years. Now I hope they get humiliated and have to slink off in shame (again).

I hope Zim is fined and suspended for his childish
antics. There is no reason a coach should ever attack a player.

Zim got what he deserved. He threw a punch and got a little tumble for it.

And I'm sure Martinez was provoked in throwing at whats'his-name the first time. But of course good luck explaining any of this to a Yankees fan. The Yankees franchise should be suspended pending an investigation.

if i didn't know anything and saw that picture i'd say pedro was telling whoever he was gesturing "use your head" or something. i mean, unless he pointed at him first THEN did the gesture in the pic.

i'm still failing to see where people aren't getting the simple logic involved in the equation of "i'm 72, i charge young guy intent on some manner of physical harm, i get knocled on my ass" that's pretty simple to me. and as for all this "pedro should have exercised restraint and was being childish" crap..... who's the fucking elderly man here? who's the one who should've shown more maturity and restraint and kept his ass parked in the dugout? i'm still wondering how anyone can see that as anything other than zim getting what he was asking for. it's the same thing as those idiots out making home jackass movies. do something stupid, get hurt, learn your lesson and no do it again.

Is Pedro a punk, yeah. But what he was gesturing was the same things that Posada and Clemens were yelling at him. Pedro is the loser for starting it, but after that both teams were equal on the punk-o-meter. Go Cubs.

I'm with John -- Go, Cubbies!

I had hoped the Sox would beat the Yankee$ 'cause I'm so disgusted with them buying their way into the playoffs every year, but after this display I really don't give a damn.

And since the Cubs have four hot hitters who were Pirates at the beginning of the season, if I drink enough beforehand I can fool myself into believing the Pirates are actually playing!