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pedro is a punkass

And this is what it looks like when a sniveling punk beats up an old man:

[click for bigger pictures/images from Newsday.com]


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I find myself rooting for both teams to lose...

Are the cubs that pathetic to need both teams to lose to finally win a championship? LOL!

Awww...the whiners lose game three...

No, that's what it looks like when a 72 year old man runs at and attacks another guy, causing that guy to shove the old man away. Hey, Pedro could have thrown a punch back, but he did the right thing by just shoving Zimmer away.

Zimmer shouldnt even be working, he's 72; he should be dead.

I knew Hillary was pretending to be a Yankees fan, but to run on the field and attack Pedro Martinez? She deserved what she got, IMO.

Punk Nation. Zimmer has two artificial knees. How hard would it have been for Martinez to take a step to the left instead of grabbing a 72-year old man by the head and throwing him - yes, throwing him - to the ground?

The Gerbil should start acting like a grown-up and keep his three-airplane-seat-wide backside on the bench. You take a swing at someone, you take your chances. You don't get a free shot at someone because you're elderly.

Zimmer's old school. He went in throwing punches and wound up on his ass. I'd be surprised if you heard him crying about it, myself.

Ed, do you honestly believe that in that particular situation, Pedro knew, remembered, and ignored Zimmer's entire medical history?

As to the rest, I commented on the previous entry.


Pedro didn't need a medical chart to see how slow Zimmer moves and how he's built. If he had enough time to grab a tight hold of the old man's head, and throw him to the ground, he had enough time to step out of the way.

When Pedro A) Throws at Karim Garcia's head and B) motions to the Yankee dugout that he's going to do it again and C) grabs an old man by the head and yanks him to the ground, that constitutes a pattern.

Let's not let love of team override rationality....I love Zim, but Pedro defended himself.
The 72 year old shouldn't try to start a fight.
I bet he won't try it again....ever.

you know, he's 72 but i must say, you fuck with the bull you get the horns. i personally wouldn't give anybody a free pass to hit me just cuz retaliation is easy. would i have hauled off and stomped a mudhole in his ass? no. but zim got what he was asking for by charging pedro in the first place. you don't attack someone and then say "whoa don't fight back....i'm old."

WTF is Zimmer expecting when he running over and taking a swing at Petro. Petro may have thought he was a webble and would bounce back up

No such thing as a free punch, but you do the minimum necessary to keep from getting hurt. You take a step back, you move aside, whatever. With a pro athlete against 72-year-old, hand to hand, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground is way beyond the minimum necessary force for self-defense.

Throwing a 72-year-old man on the ground when you don't need to, just to show him who's boss... such a move is devoid of class.

Woah looks like the baseball players and coaches have been watching too much football (real version) and started behaving like Arsenhole and Leeds United. Both teams needs stats for in prison/under arrest as well as their injury list.

Why don't you show the picture or Zimmer taking the swing at Pedro? If your going to tell the story, tell the whole story. He swung first. Pedro just pushed him away. He cold have hit him or something but he didn't, he just pushed him away.

I find it amusing that people who presumably believe in an individual's right to self-defense are attacking Pedro Martinez for the way he defended himself when charged by a member of the opposing team's coaching staff.

Whether Zimmer has bum knees or is 240 years old are irrelevant- he was the one charging Pedro, who did not throw a punch, did not kick him head butt, him pistol whip him, or anything else. He voided Zimmer's charge and attempted puch to the head, pushed him to the ground, and then walked away.

Zimmer was to blame, and maybe he should think about his knees and his age before he gets up off his seat, runs 60 yards, and attempts to punch and physically assault a man less than half his age. I doubt he will, because it appears the Yankee sycophants are going to defend the age-addled old fool until the end.

If MLB had any nuts, they would fine Zimer and throw him out of the rest of the series. Coaches are supposed to know better- and you didn't see Torre, a man for whom I have an unbelievable amount of respect, charging after Nomar garciaparra. Why- because Torre is an adult.


ok, 1. FUCK ALL YOU PEDRO HATERS! 2. FUCK THE YANKEES! 3. FUCK ZIMMER, GIAMBI, AND BOONE. 4. Pedro was fucking defending himself. Zimmer came after HIM and what was he supposed to do, stand there and let the old bastard push him around!? UH, NO, I DOUBT ANY OF you bastard yankees fans wouldve done that. SO FUCK the yankees and fuck yankees fans. pedro didnt do SHIT wrong!

of everyone involved in that brawl, Zimmer was the ONLY one to throw a punch

PEDRO PEDRO PEDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets go redsox

GO YANKEES!! Bring on the fish!! oh yeah and KARIM GARCIA is hot!!! heheheh

Fuck that beaner Pedro, and fuck any of the other bitches on here supporting his cowardly act. Go Yanks!