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pedro martinez beats up old men!

That is just wrong.

Zimmer? He takes on 72 year old Zimmer? What a dick.

UPDATE: Ok, I was at the Taco Bell drive-thru when this happened. All I heard was that Pedro knocked down Zimmer.

Someone clue me in on what led up to that?


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Easy there, Hon. I saw that and it was more like Zimmer tried to take Pedro on. He was lucky that he just got thrown down.

Oh please! So Zimmer went at him. So what? Pedro's 32 years old. Zim is 72 and has bum knees. All he had to do was grab the guy. Instead he grabbed him AND threw him to the ground. He didn't just get knocked down.

He IS a dick. And a punk. I was talking to my Mother on the phone and told her that Pedro didn't have his best stuff. When Jeter hit the homer I talked to her again, and said that if they got any more runs, Pedro was going to plunk somebody. And I was right.

Zimmer freakin attacked pedro. Pedro did the right thing by shoving him down because zimmer would have kept punching him. Zimmer should be fired. 72 years old and acting like a child.

What did Pedro do to deserve being attacked by Zimmer? NOTHING! Zimmer is just a sore winner who thinks his team should always win and get their way. Zimmer should be fired. He acts like a child. Zimmer is 72 and is attacking somebody 40 years younger than him. Zimmer should pick on people his on size and not attack people who are young enough to be his grandkids.

And btw, Roger Clemens IS the bigger dick/punk whatever. He should die. Roger Clemens should die. I will pray for him to die.

Ok, 4th inning. Pedro hit Garcia with a pitch. Later on in the same half, Garcia took out Walker with a hard slide. Pedro made some motions that seemed to indicate that he was going to hit someone in the head. Clemens seemed to be coming off the bench, but they held him back.
In the bottom of the 4th, Clemens hit Ramirez with a pitch. The benches cleared. Zimmer went looking for Pedro and found him. Went after him and I don't think he was planning to give him a hug. Pedro threw him down. No ejections, which surprised me...but there it is.

Um, lest you Red Sox bozos want to ignore, Pedro basically pointed out to a Yankee..next time, he's hitting him in the head. That's why Zimmer was upset. Typical Pedro move btw...

I think both sides have acquitted themselves with an immense amount of class today.


Damned glad I'm a Cubs fan.

There's just no excuse for throwing a 72 year old man to the ground. I don't care if he actually makes contact with that swing of a beefy fist. And the taunting of the Yankees bullpin by pointing to his head alone should have gotten him thrown out.

I'm rooting for the Cubs and Sox just to bring about the apocolypse.

Umm, Dr. Funk, but "In the bottom of the 4th, Clemens hit Ramirez with a pitch" is a lie. You obviously watched enough of the game to know everything else, why did you misstate this? The pitch wasn't even that far inside. The recap should have read: Pedro hits Garcia on the back of the neck. Asswipe umpires do nothing. Pedro indicates that he was aiming for his head. Asswipe umpires do nothing. Garcia makes a proper play and the Red Sox try to start a fight. Asswipe umpires do nothing. Clemens throws high and barely inside and Ramirez starts a fight. Asswipe umpires do nothing. During the fight that Ramirez started, Pedro throws a 72 year old man on the ground, and the asswipe umpires still do nothing.

But the Yankees just won.

my error, you're quite right about that, Clemens did not hit Ramirez. He threw high and inside and Ramirez took that as an attempt to hit him. Now that I've seen more replays, I'd have to say it wasn't even that.

Pedro was just acting in self defense. Yeah, it's ok to just run at somebody and punch them. Typical yankee fan. I hope somebody crashed a plane into yankee stadium.

I gather that Zimmer has a steel plate in his head from being beaned in 1953. I can sort of understand why he'd be angry with a pitcher that he thought was motioning that he would hit someone with a ball in the head next time.... Interesting note, Zimmer was the manager of the Red Sox during that famous 1978 game, which Michele has talked about before.

Pedro mugged a 72 year old man. Pure and simple.

The Yankees then beat the Red Sox like a rug.

For the people that are whining about his age, take these into consideration:

1. Pedro could've beat the living snot out of the guy.

2. If you were a professional athlete on a street corner and were charged by anyone, you would probably beat the snot of the guy.

3. If Zimmer had hit Pedro a few times, and Pedro had to come out of the game, Zimmer would've been drawn and quartered by the fans on the spot, assuming the other Sox players didn't get to it first. Overall, once he made the decision to charge, what happened was probably the best overall outcome that was possible.

4. Zimmer is an old whiny asshat whose sole purpose in life is to impart wisdom onto the Yankee players. So he goes and tries to beat up the opposing pitcher.

5. He's also a traitor to Boston fans, and was (arguably) partly responsible for Bucky F$*(*% Dent's rise to infamy in beantown.

If you still think Pedro was wrong, stay in New York.

It should be noted that I don't think Pedro talking smack about beaning someone was a particularly nice or smart thing, and I also think that Manny overreacted to the Clemens pitch.

Oh, and Bozzy? That last comment was just wrong.

How's that for taking the high road? ;)

Graceful correction acknowledged, Dr Funk.

Bozzy isn't the first BoTox asswipe I've heard use that plane crash wish.

There is something just not right with the BoTox fans.

Fuck them. I'm now looking forward to a Yankees Cubs Series.

The BoTox, and their asshat fans can go fellatiate roadkill for all I care.

uh Dr Funk...the pitch was high but ON THE PLATE! Manny just pussed out, acted like it was high and tight and then had to redeem himself by getting all large - if Clemens wanted to hit him in the melon, he wd have.

boston sucks. period. oh and their hometown cheerleader pantywaist Ben Affleck? nice goatee nancy girl.

damn - alright Dr Funk i see you retracted your libel, so i take back the lesson on the pitch, but need to note that the part about Boston sucking and blowing and Affleck being a pansy - clearly all true.

No, the best possible outcome would have been for Pedro to step out of the way. There are other ways to prevent someone from hitting you than grabbing their head and throwing them to the ground. Both of them are lucky they weren't ejected, and as a professional athlete in a big game, Pedro shouldn't have risked such a stupid thing that could so easily have gotten him ejected.

Hey, wait a second...Michele, what the hell were you doing at the Taco Bell drive through in the middle of the game?

I just love all the people say that Pedro should basically let Zimmer hit him (which Pedro would have deserved). These people are obviously new to baseball and never saw Zim during his glory days coaching the Cubbies. When Zimmer loses it he is a frightening creature to behold. His head turns the color of a radish and those jowls get wiggling and the mouth yapping. Make no doubt, he wanted to give Pedro a beat down. Pedro blocked the right and the left, stepped aside and pushed Zimmer to the ground. It was not premeditated, it was a reflex. If some crazy old man charged me I'd probably have decked him or kicked him. If you want to hate Pedro, don't hate him for defending himself, hate him for inciting this whole situation.

crash a plane into yankee stadium? get a life asshole!!

You people act like nobody has ever been hit by a pitch in a baseball game before... pitchers have used the tactic to try and get inside a teams head for years. It seems quite clear that Pedro did just that.

One thing I notice nobody has mentioned is that Clemens was taken aside and warned by the umpires not to retaliate, then the first thing he does is throw a pitch high and inside. Thats why Ramirez over-reacted. Tensions were high, but Garcia had already retaliated with his hard slide at Walker. The incident should have been over and done with, and if Clemens would have shown some class and pitched his own game and not got in the middle of it, it would have been over. Instead he throws high and inside (granted it wasn't very inside but it was still inside), and it all begins again... only this time the benches clear.

Of course the Yankees were upset with Pedro, but for Zimmer to go after Pedro is just low class. What is he supposed to do? If he lets the guy hit him he risks not only looking like a fool but the possibility of getting injured, and if he fights back he risks being thrown from the game and taking heat from the media for beating up an old man. I personally would have beat the old man within an inch of his life... but I am also low class and I down't have a career to worry about. Zimmer is lucky that he just got redirrected to the ground. Old fool.

This should have been settled the old way.

Roger should have hit someone (Nomar) in the Ass.

Pedro hits someone else (Sorriano?) in the ass.

And it should have ended there as it used to in the 50's when Zimmer played.

Why Nomar and Sorriano? Because they are both playing so poorly that they both deservie a whack in the ass.

Hey if you ask me, the old man asked for it
Pedro was defending himself. I'm sick and tired of the old folks thinking they can get away with shit just because of their age. I mean really, did the old fart think he could take Pedro?

Pedro was so focused that he knew what to do to Zimmer and not get ejected from the game. Side step, ear grab and SLAM! MMMMM yummy fenway turf. WATCH OUT 200 POUND PROJECTILE SPINNING TOWARDS THE DUG OUT!!!!!!!!! If Pedro would of slugged Zimmer He would of gotten ejected, instead he was too focused to beat Zimmer up. Zimmer should of got his Ass-Kicked.

We will see who wins in Game seven won't we, when Clemens will get the shit kicked out of him for bein a headhunter.

Yankees and their fans get the last laugh. You pathetic Red Sux fans. Where are you? Probably off in the corner crying the blues about your beloved losers. The curse lives!!

How fitting, the selfish punk screws his whole team in an effort to satisfy his ego. Lil' Pedro will forever be remembered with Bill Buckner and the rest of the Red Sox parade of horribles!!! FYI, Red Sox suck and screw Manny! Grady "Slingblade" Little says, "I reckon I shouda pulled the little guy two batters earlier, umm hmmmm." Oh, in case you missed it, Red Sox suck and screw Manny!

Take your 26 and shove them up your a$$
You know you got lucky this year...and it scares you to see that the Red Sox are finally on the same level as the Yankees....no more sweeping series
As for Pedro...he shoulda been out...Embree shoulda been in and he should have fanned that ugly Japanese bitch...

The Yankees will beat the Red Sux in 7 games next year as well. Red Sux will ALWAYS finish 2nd to the Yankees. GET USED TO IT!!!! I thought you would have been used to it though. Loser team, loser fans. We like our little Japanese bitch. You spanked your stupid Red Sux asses, you Bitch!