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game time voodoo

The game starts in half an hour and I almost forgot to put up my black magic Bosox Voodoo!


Whew. That was close. Hope I didn't blow it.

Now, to turn my shirt inside out and circle the living room couch three times while chanting "I love the Yankees more than I hate Roger Clemens!" Hey, we all have our pre-game rituals.



Let me know if you need any "Ted in a Jar" reminders for the rest of the series. Nothing can be left to chance.

Is that the Red Soxs I see winning? Go Sox's!!!!!

Cubx/Sox's Axis in full effect

What a big man that Pedro Martinez is...

Ah, it won't even bother me if we lose this one. Oklahoma State beat the Kansas State Wildcats today, and I'm not going to let anything get me down.



Pedro, when your career is coming to an end and you realize that if you ever want a World Series ring, you'll need to put on a Yankee uniform like Wade and Roger did, I only pray George remembers you pushing a 72 year old man to the ground.

"The Curse" won't be the reason the Red Sox aren't winning this year, karma will be.

Wow, that last comment displays about as much class as we've seen so far out of the BoTox and Don Zimmer so far in this game.

Yeah, I'll stick with my Cubs, thankyouverymuch.

It's not too late to escape from the dark side, Michele...the Clan of the Bear always welcomes new members.

And yeah, both of them should have been ejected. Martinez for the 'I'll hit you in the head' incitment, and Zimmer for being an idiot...

Michele, I'm afraid of the power you wielded. Could you put a curse on Priest Holmes before the Packers game?

Just so ya know...we have a Jason Giambi bobblehead doll in a block of ice in the freezer. Man, his bat's been cold!