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take my toys, please

My sister is having a garage sale today, so we've been cleaning out closets and rummaging under the bed, stuffing all of our extraneous stuff into bags and boxes to be sold to the lowest bidder.

The kids get to keep all the money we earn from our garbage, which will go towards the purchase of tickets to see Good Charlotte next Friday.

I'm finally getting rid of so much stuff I had collected for who knows what reason. I hate being a pack rat. Everything..going once, going twice, in the box. No time to look, no time to get nostalgic over old books or games or toys.

But wait, what's this? Oh no. No way. I will part with my entire collection of Saturday Night Live videotapes. I will sell my old albums and the kids' Beanie Babies and CDs I was embarassed to own.

But I will not, under any circumstances, sell my Ewok treehouse. Or my Slave 1. Or the Darth Vader action figure case. I just won't.



Why not sell to the highest bidder? You'll get more money, that way.

Good luck with the garage sale.

Good Charlotte? What, are the malls charging admission these days? :)

I'm warning you...I sold all my toys a few years ago (in fact, I gave away half of them...still in the package)...and you will regret it. You got yourself some primo toys, my friend. Do not part with them!!

Oh, I won't sell the good stuff. I'm just selling all that old Pokemon and passed fad stuff.