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raise your cup and let's propose a toast


500 years old. That's a lot of martinis.

Got a favorite vodka drink recipe?


One of my favorite stories about Russian history has always been about how Prince Vladimir of Rus was supposedly shopping around for a religion for his people. He, apparently, rejected Islam since he knew how his people loved their liquor....

The traditional Russian recipe - ice cold shots. Also works well with windshield de-icing fluid (grain alcohol) from MiG aircraft, as often proven by Soviet troops at numerous airbases.


I'm with Wind Rider on the ice cold shots. Or even just cool shots. But they've got to be a Good Vodka.

And if you are living in the tropics, a vodka and tonic nightly is a lot better than taking malaria pills (don't waste a Good Vodka if you are mixing, the local cheapie will do).

My fave is the "Skip and go naked"
2 oz Vodka
12 oz beer
Small can of frozen lemonade mix.
Mix all together and serve over ice.

One of these days I will have to make you one of my highly praised Blueberry Martinis. Nothing like em!

Tonight I've combined beer and very good bourbon, and I'll be damned if it doesn't hit me just like a Grey Goose very dry. I'm gonna add gin next and see if it doesn't feel like I've been drinking Bombay ...

Cheers! My favorite recipe is the black eye:

-- 1.5 ounces of vodka ( and it better be good vodka, not Popov or Smirnow)
-- two teaspoons of blackberry brandy
-- two tablespoons of lime juice

The purplish hue gives the drink its name. Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and serve over ice. Enjoy!

I'll take a nice vodka punch -- half vodka, half Hawaiian Punch. It tastes like something you'd give your kids, but it'll get you pretty drunk pretty fast.





Sure wouldn't use no Goddamn French vodka.