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i thought lefties were compassionate?*

Unless you have ever been an addict or have loved an addict, you have no idea and you should just shut up and stop passing judgment, even if you hate the guy.

I'm not saying this because Rush is a right-winger. In fact, I have no use for the man's politics, beliefs or radio show. I'm saying this because he's a human being. Dancing with glee at someone's admission that they have a problem that's been known to wreck lives and families is really disgusting.

[and before you leftwingnuts get all high and mighty on me, yes I know that the nuts at freeper would behave the same way if it were a democrat "spokesperson" in the situation. you're both frightening, ok?]


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A former coworker of mine struggled with an addiction to prescription pain meds, so I've seen first hand what it can do to a person, not to mention the affect on their family and friends. It's not something I'd find joy in even if it happened to someone I didn't like.

I hope Rush is able to beat this.

Rush is the embodiment of the phrase "Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house."

I have no sympathy for the man.

Agreed. Let's see how much he enjoys mandatory sentencing now.

Everyone lives in a glass house.

Glenn - trolling for hits? Rush's commentary is almost exclusively of a political nature, not on drug issues. Try not to be such an asshole, m'Kay? Did he ever say things about, say, Kitty Dukakis? Tipper Gore? Al Gore jr?

Sheesh - I love how the Democratic Underground is made to stand in for liberals of every stripe. How'd you like it if liberals painted Republicans with the hateful hues of the Christian Coalition?

As an EMT, I've come to a limited understanding about chronic pain. It is as devestating to a person's ability to live life as any disease or accident. Everyone feels pain differently, and no one is ever in a position to judge the degree or severity of another's pain.

An addiction to legal pain killers is hardly selling yourself on corners for crack. His statement makes it quite clear that he expects no adulation for this, his THIRD attempt, to kick the habit. He's issued an honest statment, taking responsibility for his problem.

If he has committed any crimes, and that is not at all clear at this time, I expect he will face the accusations in an equally forthright manner.

I am no dittohead. But I can admire his statement as one that fits my expectations of the man. If the left chooses to portray him as the moral or legal equivalent of one of the "boys in the hood", it will be their grave error. So far as I know, Rush has not had to steal to support his habit, prostitute himself, shoot it out with other talk show hosts over territory, and I expect that will continue to be the case.

"How'd you like it if liberals painted Republicans with the hateful hues of the Christian Coalition?"

Uh, Joseph, open your eyes. And ears.

Forget Rush...FREE TOMMY CHONG!!

while I agree with you, though
@Jacksback: it seems Rush has "passed judgement" several times in the past. Atrios had a few choice quotes.
and IMO Joseph is right about DU. They're idiots, and while I understand the conservative/rightwing/Republican desire to whack them from time to time (the same happens with Freepers on the other side) I think it's unfair to take either as representative. So just as those liberals who take Freepers for "the right" in general, you're wrong in reasoning from DU to liberals.

that said, let's hope Rush manages to overcome his addiction (and maybe even learns a thing or two about passing judgement).

Markus you took the words right out of my mouth. Perfectly said.

Free Republic has a "don't post crap from DU" rule.

It works wonders.

The real scandal isn't DU's celebration, it's the fact that John French Kerry made a joke about Limbaugh in last night's debate. As my fellow FReeper transcribed it:

"There are two ways for you to have lower prescription drug costs. One is you could hire Rush Limbaugh's housekeeper, or you can elect me president of the United States. I want you to do the latter, and here's why: The prescription drug companies have not been held accountable."

Kerry's fellow Democrat Senator from Massachusetts is a recovering alcoholic.

We also have Maryland's GOP First Lady talking about shooting Britney Spears, California DNC head Bob Mulholland talking about "real bullets" for Arnold, Schwarzenegger himself intimating that he wanted to see Arianna Huffington die on film at least....Can't we all just get along?

I find it ironic that someone accuses me of trolling for hits by making a reply themselves shaking head

"I think it's unfair to take either as representative."

Good point.

DemocraticUnderground and FreeRepublic are largely cesspoools filled with petty people. They are occasionally fun for debate but for the most part, they are echo chambers for the worst aspects of liberal or conservative thought.

The major difference is their politics, not their personalities or tactics.


There are over 120,000 FReepers. We're bigger than some ethnic groups. Why not lay off the stereotyping, 'K?

Left and right, attack and counter-attack, I'm really getting sick of it. Rush is certainly a jerk and I have no love for the guy, but he's also a human being and as Michele said, it's not right to be dancing with glee at the revelation of anyone's serious problems. It doesn't matter that Rush has engaged in the same sort of activity - doing it to him doesn't make it any more acceptable than when he was doing it to someone else.

The problem as I see it is really a general dissipation of civility in our culture. Nobody seems to feel the slightest hesitation at trashing anyone else these days. Arguing about which side or which group started all the nastiness is pointless. It needs to stop - those of us who are fed up need to do everything we can to help make it stop.

Glenn - 1) i'm not trolling for hits, i don't have a blog, 2) for some reason i thought i was referring to Oliver Willis - not sure how my wires got crossed, 3) what you said was no big deal, so no offense intended and 4) if from 10+ yrs on the air Atrios or whomever managed to dig up 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days worth of quotes from Rush on drugs, whoppee.

My point is Rush has never been one to moralize. I'm not a huge Rush fan, not at all - i agree with him more then i disagree, but the point is Oxy is a terribly addicting drug - i wd feel as badly if the Dixie Chicks were hooked on it (altho i wdn't defend them necessarily).

I'm not dancing with glee, but I don't have much sympathy for him either.
In his statement today~
"You know I have always tried to be honest with you and open about my life. So I need to tell you today that part of what you have heard and read is correct."

I find it highly probable that he wouldn't have been open and honest about this if his maid hadn't squealed.

"send the people who want to do drugs to London and Zurich, and let's be rid of them."

See ya, Rush.

"There are over 120,000 FReepers. We're bigger than some ethnic groups. Why not lay off the stereotyping, 'K?"

Just telling it like it is, based on firsthand experience with both. FreeRepublic has a ton of great people who are alot of fun to talk with and debate but it also has a ton of complete a-holes. That's why my comments were qualified a bit. Now I realize the sting of stings is to be called what you consider your worst enemy but you should realize it was not a personal thing. If it makes you feel better I think DU is alot worse but my politics color my opinion.

Just because one is a Freeper doesn't make one the defender of all things FR or responsible for all things said on FR.

The point I was agreeing with is that it is wrong for either side of the aisle to point at the extremeties of the opposite side as representative of that side.

What's funny is I thought that the left had used up their irrational hatred of Limbaugh when they were gleeful over his deafness. It appears I was mistaken.

The only rational point the idgits at DU seem to have is that Rush has pontificated in the past that legalization of drugs would lead to a demoralization of society. I happen to disagree with that, and whole-heartedly believe in the decriminalization of some drugs, but doesn't make his opinion (one held by a LARGE number of people) any less valid.

It is a sorry argument to be made in favor of celebrating in another's misfortune. I mean, I have no real problem with it. If people want to jump for joy at Rush's problem, go right ahead. It makes you a heartless prick to do so, but hey, that's up to you.

So you know what, I admit I'm a heartless prick when it comes to wishing I could dance on Arafat's grave. No two ways about it. AT least I'm big enough to admit it.

"to be called what you consider your worst enemy"

A cesspool? That word describes my desk quite nicely. Petty? On the contrary, I accept that I am one of the "little people". No, what I meant was exactly what I said, that you should reconsider stereotyping, for your own edification if not the greater good. "Just telling it like it is based on firsthand experience" is a shibboleth of stereotyping.

Just a thought. I've known addicts, and ex-addicts. Most of them were trying to kill pain of one sort or other. (That includes the alcoholics.)

Perhaps both sides might want to reconsider their version of 'compassion'.

My question here is: If Rush succeeds in beating his addiction, does that mean that he simply learns to live with pain for the rest of his life?

I wish the guy well. I have known too many people who were functional addicts but eventually got the monkey(or gorilla) off of their back. I still have no intention of being a regular listener of his show.

I find a lot of information on Free Republic. I have found none on Democratic Underground. Maybe it is because I do not wear a tinfoil hat. Go fig... but I have been banned from there anyway.

Some of you people need to remember not to let the sun set on your anger.

I am prepared to give him exactly as much sympathy and respect as he has shown to others in the same situation.

from a recovering functional addict, who says God bless to all.

Having just trained for several weeks on an addiction unit, I can say that yes it will truly screw up your life, and it is genuinely a hard monkey to kill. BUT... There are much better and safer ways to control chronic pain than longterm opioids. I don't know what happened the first two times that Rush tried to quit, but he clearly not only gave in, he resorted to the black market.

I don't have any personal love for the guy, nor do I wish him harm, but it might be a wakeup call for EVERY conservative to recognize that it's not just dirtballs, hippie-lefties and welfare cases who can develop a drug problem --- addiction is BIPARTISAN, and no respector of class or party. Maybe we can ALL learn a little compassion about the issue?

I don't care for his show; I've said before that I think he's a blowhard and self-important.

But I do have respect for his coming clean about it on the air, and saying "this is what I will do to fix it" instead of trying for a cover-up.

I hope he does kick it. I may not agree with him, but I wish him well in his recovery.

"send the people who want to do drugs to London and Zurich, and let's be rid of them."

Sylli Sylvain, I believe the operative word in that quote is WANT.

The hatred and vitriol is not limited to DU...

The hatred and vitriol is not limited to DU...