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talkin' football

My picks for this week's office pool have to be in in an hour. I haven't done them yet and I don't have time to make educated picks.

So, who wants to make my picks and have a chance to split a 400 dollar point pool with me? Point spreads count.


Depends on the point line. I can email you my picks. I usually avg 10 correct a week (but havent won yet)

Let me know

One LI'er to another...
The line I used is the USA Today line.
Teams, line with favorite, my pick and my justification.

Oakland @ Cleveland (-3)
Raiders need one.

Philly @ Dallas (-1)
Dallas back to earth

KC @ Green Bay (-1.5)
KC is a juggernaut. Even in Lambeau.

Carolina @ Indy (-5)
Monday night letdown for the Colts. Panthers are better than people think.

Miami (-3) @ Jacksonville
Two words: Byron Leftwich. Plus I have Jaguars' season tickets. ;-)

NY Giants @ New England (-2.5)
No trick plays this week.

Chicago @ New Orleans (-5.5)
The Bears are just terrible.

Houston @ Tennessee (-10)
They won't win, but they'll cover.

Tampa (-3) @ Washington
They're embarrassed after Monday night. Too bad for the Skins.

Baltimore (-5.5) @ Arizona
Emmett's out.

Pittsburgh @ Denver (-6.5)
They look great, and they're home.

Buffalo (-2.4) @ Jets
They're better than their last few games. They beat the hell out of us a couple of weeks ago. And the Jets just don't have it with Vinny. Sorry.

SF @ Seattle (-3.5) (Sunday night)
Holmgren's got them playing very well.

Atlanta @ St. Louis (-11) (Monday night)
Just because.

Good luck.

If we win, give my split to Operation Give.

shoot, if i'm gonna put thought into making picks with the spread, i'd just head up to vegas and do a parlay... 10 for 10 pays 800-to-1. or something like that.

Don't know your spreads but here's mine with my choices:

Cleveland -3
Dallas +1
Green Bay -2
Carolina +5
Miami -3
NYG +3
New Orleans -5.5
Tennessee -10
Washington +3.5
Arizona +5.5
Denver -7
Buffalo -2.5
San Fran +3.5
St Louis -11

Good Luck!

Take the under in the Indy vs. Carolina game.

Joe, you're nuts. The Chiefs will not win this sunday. Book it.

As you may know...my psychic beagles and I pick games every week vs. the spread. They are incredible. I suck. I recommend going with them.

Ok, since I will always stand up for my picks, good ir bad, and since Michele most certainly lost the pool, here's my picks and how they did:

Oakland -- Lost. (God, they're getting old).
Philly -- Lost. (Maybe McNabb isn't that good, huh?)
Carolina -- Won & beat spread. (In OT).
Jacksonville -- Lost (Sorry, that was an emotional pick, and it was closer than the score indicates).
Giants -- Lost (No excuses).
Saints -- Won & covered.
Texan -- Lost and didn't cover.
Bucs -- Won & covered. (That was easy).
Ravens -- Won and covered.
Broncos -- Lost vs spread. (They won by 3 -- had I known Plummer was out, I would have goe the other way).
Seahawks -- Lost vs spread (They won by 1).
Chiefs -- Won.

Note to Steve: nuts, huh? That team is playing like Vermeil's Rams from a few years ago.

Note to Glenn: Bzzzzt. 43. (O/U was 38.5)

Peat: your beagle went 6-13. Bow-wow.

Now I know why I don't do this professionally.

Michele: I owe you a horse pick. ;-)