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you say it's your....

Blog birthday!

Not for nothing, Vicky, but when people are linking to you because you are celebrating the anniversary of your blog, those following the link might be put off by that Erectile Chicken Dysfunction headline.

Then again, maybe not.

Many more, Vicky.

Oh look at this, it's Bill's anniversary, too. Go tell him he's a dick congratulations.

UPDATE: I forgot to say that Bill's blog does not have oozing facial sores and it is not fat and ugly. In fact, Bill is the one with the canker sores and extra 300 pounds, not the blog. His blog is damn beautiful, so damn entertaining, so incredibly perfect in every way, that you have a hard time believing that a guy who is so ugly, so fearsome, so bitter and nasty, could have not only a dazzling blog, but a beautiful, smart wife.


Michele - You're a sweetheart! Thanks for thinking about Bill and me on our Blogiversary!!