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who is alexa and what is she saying to me?

First, I'd like to thank you all for your generous comments and emails regarding my navel gazing post. I will respond to all emails today.

[click for bigger image]In one of those emails, someone sent me a link to my Alexa rankings. I don't think I ever looked at this before and frankly, I'm unsure what it means. How do they determine these statistics? If I am reading them correctly, they are very, very different from the Extreme Tracking stats, and different from the stats my host provides.

Stats aren't important in the long run, but I would certainly like to know the size of my readership (is that a word?) so I can have a suitable panic attack when I realize that I haven't been writing for a small group of friends and acquaintances every day like I thought.

I do like the compare feature on Alexa. I've been staging a little blogger match-off and it's fun to see whose ego is ten times larger than their stats, and vice versa.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone for reading. I like to just say that once in a while. And a reminder: it's Friday, so I'm going to try to stay away from covering the news today. Fridays are for fun. Hey, limericks!


You can learn more about alexa at www.webmasterworld.com from what I gather it isn't that great


The readers of a publication considered as a group.

According to dictionary.com

I am one (1) of your readership.....(a proud member, I might add)

Message me and I'll explain to you how it works (& yes, there's a reason I'm not just explaining it here). But take my word for it, their traffic stats are not as accurate as your extreme tracking. Personally, I would even doublecheck your extreme tracking with another statistics tracker because depending where it's placed on the page, I've found it can undercount your traffic. (Can you tell I've been running a website for a long time? =)

Isn't Alexa that drug that we see commercials for during football games? You know, the one where the guy can't throw a football thru a tire and then he takes an Alexa pill and suddenly he's the second coming of John Elway?