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ted rall takes me to bizarro world

Someone get me a drink. Or a handful of aspirin. Something. My head is suddenly swimming, my brain has gone fuzzy, the world has just turned upside down.

Ted Rall has an almost meaningful column today. I swear. Really.

Well, yes, he still takes the time to point out how awful this administration is, how they weren't really elected and are evil, terrible warmongers, but still. Rall actually makes some coherent points about the left.

On the recall: Unfortunately, Democrats didn't focus on the recall itself or the good reasons to oppose their Republican opponent. It was easier to just dig up dirt from his past.

On the L.A. Times calling Arnold a nazi-lover: So silly. So stupid. Historians have marveled at Hitler's rise from homelessness to absolute dictator, as well as his oratorical skills. That hardly makes them Nazis.

On Limbaugh's McNabb controversy: Limbaugh, after all, was just being himself. Here was a chance to document right-wing bias in corporate media, but Dems blew it to go after one man.

On Limbaugh's drug problem: Had the same story appeared about Michael Moore, they'd express sympathy and urge him to enter rehab. But compassion goes out the window while trashing your nemesis.

I am speechless. Sure, Rall takes all his usual swipes, nailing three out of the four standard Rall Hates Bush statements (not outright, but they are there between the lines), but the point, the major thesis of this column was not how Bush stole the election, it was not about an Iraqi quagmire or the crushing of dissent; it was about what the left is doing wrong.

And I agree with him on all those points.

Relax, this doesn't mean I've actually taking a liking to Rall. It's not like I'm going to start writing him fan letters. After all, his perfect woman would probably want to start a revolution, while my perfect man can do a great imitation of Eddie Van Halen.

Welcome to Bizarro Friday.


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Is it just me or is the girl a dead ringer for Veronica from the old Archie comics? Except Veronica would connive someone to BUY her the Pottery Barn, not immolate herself in front of it.

HA! Hey Ilyka, until I clicked on the link, I thought it was Veronica!

Bah! It was just a shell game. All he did was suck you in, trick you into letting your guard down, and when you were at your most vulnerable, with your back turned, he struck. All the way down in paragraphs 13 and 14, the shots rang out:

- despicable, dangerous bunch of demagogues
- the damage they've done since 9/11 will take years to repair
- Using hired goons to end the Florida ballot recount
- Corrupting the U.S. Supreme Court by asking it to endorse a judicial coup d'état
- Turning a $6 trillion surplus into a $4 trillion deficit
- Attacking Afghanistan without cause, then inviting warlords to take over.
- Attacking Iraq without cause, then allowing bandits to take over
- Killing thousands of innocents.
- Curtailing the Bill of Rights.
- Opening the Gitmo concentration camp.
- Doing nothing to catch the perpetrators of 9/11.
- Tolerating North Korean nukes.

I will admit he makes a decent point in the preceding 12 paragraphs. He's actually done it once or twice before this year. But the idiocy that he follows it up with makes it irrelevant.

Apparently it was the time of day when the stopped clock is right.

Who knows, maybe next he'll move out of his parents' basement.

Veronica and Ted Rall? Well, he always did like women who could afford to front him free room and board.

I'm half surprised Rall hasn't sunk to the level of calling the President "Bussh" (see? SS! NAZIS!). It's pathetic, but I (unfortunately) know people (online, thank god), who not only do that, but think it's clever and/or meaningful.

(And who think Bush "said Iraq was an imminent threat! Liar!". No, really. Seriously. And, or course, correcting them on this matter has no effect.)