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attention baltimore!

Copy and pasted from Dean:

Baltimore: Chief Wiggles Needs Your Help!

We are continuing forward with sending materials to Iraq (see this message here for the latest on the shipping woes; the military is shutting down the APOs for Operationg Give). We have been working on alternate shipping methods to get stuff to Chief Wiggles in Iraq.

We have warehouse space set up in Baltimore. Now we need someone--a retiree, or someone with spare time--to accept delivery and get stuff stored in our warehouse. We also have shippers lined up, so we can get it from Baltimore to where the Chief can pick it up. We just need someone to help coordinate, to accept delivery and get it shipped back out via the arrangements we've made.

Can anyone out there help? If you can't, do you know someone who can?

Any help would be appreciated. Just leave us a comment here or drop us a line at info@operationgive.org.


Baltimore has the highest rate of STD's of any city in the nation.

I am SO glad to hear there's someplace to ship this stuff. My station wagon is completely full.