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I now know what went wrong with last night's attempt at voodoo. There wasn't enough vindictivness in it. In order to make the magic of the dark side work properly, there has to be a certain level of nastiness surrounding your voodoo doll. I think I've got it right this time. I've combined the wonders of cryogenics, the dark spirits and a Boston icon to come up with this thing. I also have some of the magic pixie dust I took from the pitchers' mound at Yankee Stadium when I worked there. I've been saving it for a special occassion. Now, stand back while I cast my spell...


credit for the image of ted's frozen head goes to brokennewz, where i swiped it from


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The thumbtacks are a really nice touch.

Uh-Oh, that's bound to get you a few opinions like this one.

This looks like FUTURAMA!

Why hoodoo the Red Sox? That's like trying to jinx Bad Luck Shleprock from the old PEBBLES AND BAMBAM cartoons.

That'e exactly what I've been trying to tell her, Steve. Trying to hex the already hexed Red Sox is liable to boomerang.

The result of a double-negative...

The thumbtacks were a nice touch, though...

I seem to get the feeling that she doesn't like the Red Sox. Dunno, just a gut feeling.

Wow. That was mega-hyper-ultra-mean. No wonder your Highlanders are up 6-2 in the 8th.

Damn. That was heartless. Good job by the Yanks tonight, but I can't wait to see Pedro on Saturday.

So, I'm just guessing, but it seems like maybe that whole not talking smack thing is over then?