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the red sox are satan's playthings

It's official. Those evil Red Sox saved Arafat's life.

How can you Bostonians live with yourselves?

UPDATE: And another thing, while I'm a baseball roll: I hate Tim McCarver more I have ever loathed any sports figure in my entire life, including Ed Hospodar, Alan Iverson, Deion Sanders and the entire 1986 Mets team. It took only two innings (which took a freaking hour to play) for me to hit the mute button last night. Tonight, I'm going to put on some cheesy 80's new wave while I watch the game and not even bother giving that drunken, blowhard asshat a chance.


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For two reasons: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I cannot stand listening to these two idiots for more than a [Read More]

» I Hate Watching Baseball On Fox from The Daily Rant
For two reasons: Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. I cannot stand listening to these two idiots for more than a [Read More]


Well, OK, but let's balance that against the fact that the Yankees cause cancer.

Oh, but I agree with you on McCarver - except I'd add the other two clowns (one of whom seems more like a mime, which is not a real good thing on TV). There should be a Fox Sports drinking game, something like: Every time McCarver complains about Ramirez in game 5 against Oakland, take a shot. Every time one of them makes a crack about that bug-eyed fan out by the foul poll, take a shot. Every time they show that bug-eyed fan, take two shots. Only problem, you'd be so drunk you'd pass out by the third inning.

I would add that watching Bret Boone play is much more enjoyable than listening to him stumble through his "color" commentary.

I'm with you on this one Michele. I mean, the thing that Fox was cluttering up the main broadcast channel with in between Cubs updates was kinda boring, but that crap they did playing with the weather graphic was downright lame. I lost count of how many times I found myself saying 'these guys are idiots'.

Fox Sports. Aren't these the idiots who thought it necessary to make hockey pucks have a blue glow so the viewing public could follow the action?

They were also the first to use the 1st down marker for football games...nothing idiotic about that one.

Allen Iverson? You mean the respectable, talented, happily married, never getting in trouble and being an upstanding member of his team and his community Iverson?

What's wrong with him?

Gotta tell ya, watching the Marlins, Al Leiter is making the broadcasts pretty interesting; lots of good insights. Oh yeah, a little off topic but certainly bound to add salt to some wounds...GO WINGS! (Though I've moved to Fla, I will never switch from the Wings, and most definitiely not to the Panthers who play only 8 miles from my home.)

Oh Yeah??? well Steinbrenner has Saddam's WMD's!

Got the whole good-v.-evil thing backward as usual. How could anyone root for the Yankees to win yet again?

Go SOX! Defeat the infidel evil minions of Herr Steinbrenner!

Cool. 80's new wave. Playlist? :)

TIP: instead of listening to goofy 80s rock, try finding the game on your FM radio, and use that as the play-by-play and commentary. It'll be perfectly synchronized, and probably a lot more fun to listen to.

We used to do this all the time when I was a kid in Arkansas. Southwest conference basket ball was just not on the radar screen of the "big 3" in the 70s, so what TV coverage we got was definitely manned by the "C" list TV team.

So instead we got a regular radio, set it up on top of the TV, and listened to that while watching the screen.

The radio guys were much better, and because they were local made no pretense at being unbiased. They were rooting for OUR team to win.

McCarver is the Phil Rizzuto of the new millenium. I'm a Mets fan and I can't stand him. Nothing is better than the time he whined at Deion Sanders.

McCarver. Wasn't he Steve Carlton's personal catcher?

(Michele, email me and I'll send you the story of the Yankees and thd day my oldest son was born)

I've found that baseball is two seconds off between TV and radio. I just mute it until something big happens.

Luckily, here in Giantland, we have great local guys: Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper, Jr.

Just saw this..you might be interested


As the two armies do battle on the de-based fields of Diamond.

The Eastern hordes with leggings of Crimson after slaying the Great Dragon of New Amsterdam

clash with the Royal Blue Ursa from the League of Nations.

Unearthed will curses meet, and the day shall be called Armegeddon.



Michele, You have to be the only person to villify the heroes known as the 1986 Mets! I know you're a Yankees fan, but you have to recognize the greatness of the 1986 Mets! Let's Go Mets!

Stick a sock in it, Anthony. That was the worst-mannered team I have ever witnessed in all of sports.

Ah, Yankees vs. Red Sox in the playoffs.

It puts the state of Connecticut into a de facto Civil War.

Wow. My grandfather, who worked in sports radio in St. Louis, didn't care for McCarver either. And it took a lot for him to have a problem with someone!