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psa to red sox fans

Cowboy Up will go down in history, along with rally monkeys and the Tomahawk Chop, as a Stupid Moment in Baseball Playoff History: Fan Hysteria Section.

Attention Mr. Smarter Cop: Stop baiting me. You'll be sorry. My voodoo dolls don't always fail, you know.


Whatever works, right?

Yeah, maybe if Red Sox fans had "Cowboy Up" in 1986, they could've won game Seven...remember that game? Oh no, suppose not. All you hear about is game six and freaking Buckner. You guys could have won game seven and not have to bellyache about the dreaded "curse" anymore. Bunch of whiners...

at least "Cowboy Up" isn't racist.

Almost certainly true...but the rally monkey worked, so it's not a bad trade.


Most people blame Bill Buckner for Game 6.
Most people also forget a far worse proponent of the demonic curse:
Calvin Schiraldi.
He lost the last two games of the '86 World Series, in relief. He tossed gasoline on Bruce Hurst's spark in Game 7.
But don't worry, the A's realized what has been happening.
The curse, reversed!

And to think, HBO re-broadcast The Curse of Bambino documentary last night, again.

Better "Cowboy Up" than "Let's Choke Again!".

Ummm, Michele, I suspect that Red Sox fans will be extremely willing to trade a ton of slogan ignominy for a victory over the Yankees and a World Series triumph...

Hey, the rally monkey won a series last year..."Cowboy Up" is better than the Twins' "Homer Hankies".

The best thing of the Cubs-Braves series was watching Cubs fans dominate the Chop, steal it's lunch money and push it to the ground. Betcha the chop shows up a lot less next year.

At least it's not "Keep Choppin' Wood"! D'oh...