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game time

I hereby beseech the overseers of Bambino's Curse to do that voodoo that they do so well.



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there's a conspiracy going down here...they're not showing the yanks/sox game:***(. this is stupid, tomorrow i'm calling my cable company and giving him a piece of my mind...and a wooden bat.

What is this, 4-0?! What's with these Yankees?

Wuh Huh!
Chicago and Boston in the World Series!! I LOVE IT!!


Not tonight, Michele.. those stupid voodoo curses don't work anymore.

Well, that was effective tonight.


I hope you Red Sox fans realize that you're bringing about the end of the world, especially since the Cubs won as well. I hope you're happy.

The reverse curse! Now you've done it!

Can you be sure to do exactly what you did tonight before Game 2 starts tomorrow?


I came across your blog....just putting my 2 cents in...

I'm wondering if actively invoking the Curse might possibly invalidate it somehow?

Maybe you need to switch to the tack of "the Red Sox are a really great team and we're just honored to have the chance to play them"...

Of course I am pulling for the BoSox, so you can't necessarily trust my advice. ;-)

I think it's great. Boston and Chicago, who would have thought this would ever happen? I'm hoping Chicago does good though seeing my dad is a huge fan. Boy, did they kick some butt tonight or what?

Y'know, it won't/wouldn't bother me to see the Cubs beat the Yankees in the Series... the Cubs haven't won in forever, the Yankees win a lot, whatever. But to lose a series spot to the evil, evil BoSox.... ugh. Please, please let all of their evil luck hold.

Ahem. Behold the might of SondraK.
BoSox, do not make me come down there and eat my spell!

Hey, hey, hey, hey

What about the MANTRA?

What about not talking smack?

Ahhh... YES!

The Yankees are Satan's spawn and shall perish in a sea of BoSox fire!

For it is written, so shall it be done.

Then all Yankees fans shall be slain by executioners wearing Bucky Dent face masks.

OK, I made that last part up... but that sea of fire thing is real!

Na, na, na nah!
Na, na, na nah!

Hey hey hey!


6-2. :-D

it'll all be over soon...

go yankees