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talkin' trash in flash

Jeter Swallow

Lame, crude, juvenile and kinda funny. See, Yankee fans do have a sense of humor.

via Cam.

Now Scott is calling me out. He's baiting me.

About two hours until game time. I can still find my smack-talking hat if I want.


What smack (Bill Buckner)? No smack here!

Great flick, thanks for the link. I grew up in New York and though the METS are my team (I know, I know) I still have a place for the Yankees in my heart. My father-in-law of course is a Maniac and diehard Sox fan. I'll have to send him the link.

That's wrong. STEINBRENNER, not Jeter swallows!

I loved all the local refs/ in jokes.

Cowboy up!