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you could have chosen a guy named thunder

The vote results from the California recall election are frightening.

Larry Flynt 15,053
Gary Coleman 12,488

Will someone in California please round up the 27,451 people who cast these votes so I can bitchslap them?

And only 1,056 people voted for Trek Thunder Kelly. Where are your priorities at? Who wouldn't love a governor named Trek Thunder?


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Think they outnumber ya. ::recall arnie::: chants begin

At least they were candidates. 21,561 people voted for Ueberroth, and he dropped out almost a month ago.

I still don't think I would have voted for Trek Thunder. There's something about a candidate who promises to usher in the Apocalypse that I find vaguely unsettling. Or maybe it's just me...

If the sox and the cubs make it to the world series will begin anyway

Once again, Americans have proven that politics is nothing more than a farce. Way to go, California.

Like "orange alerts" and "anthrax", you have shown fear yet again. You are afraid of CANADA. Why else would you vote for a musclehead willing to protect you from "Hollywood North"?


Who'd thunk it, Gary Coleman trounced Gallagher...

Hey!! Where's Mary Carey? Surely she got a few votes.. Wasn't she offering to go on a date with people for campaign contributions? Surely she 'bought' a couple of votes.

Mary Carey is listed on the ballet as Mary Cook. She took in about 9,000 votes

"Think they outnumber ya. ::recall arnie::: chants begin"

Please no, no, I can't take another one of these things. Ugh.
Meanwhile this is just the beginning of the show. Stay tuned for even more fun...

But I have to admit, I like the sound of Governor Thunder.

I think those people should get a pat on the back. They gave this vote the level of seriousness it deserved.

I thought Coleman ran a good-natured tongue-in-cheek campaign; I don't have a big problem with people giving him a protest vote. The votes for the smut peddler and the porn star bother me more.

Arianna dropped out a couple weeks ago, and still managed to come in fourth.

Well, my brother voted for (Green Party candidate) Peter Camejo...

I'm thinking it's something in the municipal water supply. My wife and I voted for Ahnold but we only drink wine.

I suspect that most of the votes for the fringe candidates came from people who voted "No" on the recall, didn't like any of the "real" replacement candidates, and picked someone else to vote for as a joke or a protest.

Anyway, Arnie's not going to be recalled. Hell, he won with more votes than Davis did in 2002 (and a higher percentage of the votes, too -- 48.5% vs 47.4%, or thereabouts) and hasn't done anything bad (for the state) yet. In a state that's 45% Democrat and 35% Republican, Republican candidates got nearly 62% of the vote. That says something about just how unpopular Davis was.

I expect an attempt at a recall petition (there's been one for every governor we've had for the past 90 years, I think), but it won't be successful.

I'm so proud of my fellow Californians today. I'd be prouder if they'd passed Prop 54, but I guess you can't have everything.

Hi Dan, let me say "me too"

I was at the San Bernardino rally for Arnold Monday afternoon and got to shake the hand of our new governor. I haven't missed voting in an election since I turned 18 in 1972 and this was the first time in a long time I was really excited about it. I think Arnold has that appeal for the great unlistened-to practical middle, and he is striking all the right tones in his speeches and press conference today about cooperation and what's good for California

"For California to win, politics as usual must lose."

How can you argue with that?? I know, the usual wingnuts of the CA party are having a huge pity party today.

Good lord my right foot gets SO itchy (want to kick their collective hineys)

Ah, entertainment!