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Running very, very late today. The blog entry I had planned to write containing all the secrets to the mysteries of all life, answering all your unanswered questions and explaining exactly how many licks it does take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop will have to wait. You should see this post; it's got Arnold and Arafat and saving the chldren of the world, plus the sexual revolotion all wrapped around war, peace, PETA, gun control, Brtiney's boobs, the decline and fall of rock and roll, Street Fighter, my takeover of Marvel comics and more. Wow. Took me twelve hours to write and research it. It may win me a Pulitzer. Or a Nobel.

But, like I said, you'll have to wait until later.

Meanwhile, I will just repeat my mantra from last night.



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Britney's boobs were cool.. I saw the Esquire issue yesterday. She really doesn't want to be thought of as a good girl anymore. Hey, Britney, you know what they'd really hate? If you had a two week torrid affair with some fat 30 year old Texan. Just a thought. Let me know.

Oh, go ahead, you know you want too...

Say it with me....Botox....Botox....Botox.


check <a href="http://pubpages.unh.edu/~jmpires/redsox.html"this out when you get a chance. Funny stuff.

Good luck to the Yankees tonight.. may they only lose by a run.

What is, or are, Red Sex?????