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ready, aim, fire

Drudge is calling Arnold the winner. The folks at DU are all ready to file lawsuits.

Citizen Smash fired someone today.

CalBlog has all the California Craziness you are so craving.

Me, I'm just worried about tomorrow night.


you know its so funny
if you had told me a few years ago
arnold would run for governor
i would have thought that was like
a saturday night live spoof
funny how life is funnier than comedy
i keep seeing arnold as governor
we will pump you up

How could you possibly be worried? The Yankees always beat the Red Sox. Always. The Red Sox have never won a playoff against the Yankees.

There is no reason to believe the Red Sox will do anything other than roll over and play dead now that they've eliminated the A's, who might have at least worn down the Yankees in the championship series.

It's a shame; I'd love to be wrong.

The only reason why there's been more interest in baseball this year over the last few is because the Yankees lost the last two years. Do you remember how few people paid attention to the World Series in 98-00? Nobody outside of NY gave a rat's ass.

Well, our short respite is over. The regional cable revenue simply gives the Yankees a sustainable competitive advantage in dollars and no other team can come close to competing with it. Sorry. That's life. Until baseball reforms itself, which is never, we're stuck with baseball being fun until the second week of October.

I'd love to be wrong. But I'm not. We're in a period of time similar to 1936 to 64, when the Yankees' economic advantages simply allowed the team to gobble up players from weaker franchises (and in the case of the KC A's, had an actual collaborating franchise trade them their best players) and use that to win the pennant pretty much every year.